Michael Warren must not be associated with the New Orleans press?

President Michelle Bachelet leaves office Thursday with a chunk of her country in ruins – and her popularity in the clouds.

Despite complaints that aid was slow to reach the hungry and homeless, experts say Chile’s response to one of history’s most powerful earthquakes has been a model for disaster recovery.

At first, the problems were all too obvious: Chile’s navy and emergency preparedness office failed to issue a tsunami warning that might have saved hundreds of lives after the Feb. 27 quake, and Bachelet didn’t order soldiers to impose order in the streets until after looting had spun out of control.

But experts say other smart moves – like insisting that foreign help meet specific needs, quickly patching up roads and having the military handle logistics – made it possible to deliver 12,000 tons of relief in just 10 days.

Maybe one day we can hope that after ObamaDems fundamentally change America, we can live up to Chili’s disaster relief standard, because we all “know” what a poor job Brownie did, right? Wrong.

Bumbling by top disaster-management officials fueled a perception of general inaction, one that was compounded by impassioned news anchors. In fact, the response to Hurricane Katrina was by far the largest–and fastest-rescue effort in U.S. history, with nearly 100,000 emergency personnel arriving on the scene within three days of the storm’s landfall.

Read the entire, comprehensive Popular Mechanics  analysis of America’s response to the aftermath of Katrina and learn what Chileans and the rest of the world that doesn’t depend on Bush-despising Anderson Coopers knows, i.e. that America is the standard on disaster relief and everything else that matters. Real people care more about food and shelter than network TV shots of Air Force One and news conferences and they know the alternatives they live with that are not America.

The Vice-President acknowledged another ObamaDemPress Bush-bash myth-debunking recently in Iraq when taking credit for the great success there. It seems that the new Abu Ghraib management’s rogue sexual humiliation spree didn’t erase the Iraqi memories of tens of thousands killed by the old management’s wood chippers. These days, Joe Biden doesn’t seem anymore anxious to discuss dividing the Balfour Declaration’s Babylon into threes than he would splitting up Connecticut.

But, just like the bit role of the Gipper in the fall of the Soviet Union, I guess the Republican President that stayed the course and surged had nothing to do with the “inevitable”?

American had done nothing exceptionally well in ObamaDems’ eyes until the 2008 Democratic primaries after all. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times disagrees with them on this exceptionalism matter, but still suffers from a blindness to what motivates dreamers to make exceptional dreams come true in America and abroad. Recently, he rightly suggests that Yemen “needs a revolution” but then suggests that nothing has changed in the Muslim world since the 1979 Iranian revolution:

Visiting Yemen and watching the small band of young reformers there struggle against the forces of separatism, Islamism, autocracy and terrorism, reminded me that the key forces shaping this region today were really set in motion between 1977 and 1979 — and nothing much has changed since. Indeed, one could say Middle East politics today is a struggle between 1977 and 1979 — and 1979 is still winning.

Overthrowing the Soviet Union, the Taliban, al Qaida and Saddam Hussein, while surrounding Iran on three sides counts as “not much change”? Don’t tell that to those liberated from tyranny in Iraq and Afghanistan and those motivated by their liberated neighbors to take to their Iranian streets to get liberated. Don’t tell that to the Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis emboldened by American arms and the absence of brutal despots, to combat the terrorists in their midst.

Back to the Dreamers Tom, and your other column hoping Obama will deliver us from “lean years” after the “70 fat years.” You seem to think it is government that makes dreams come true that enable us to have 70 fat years. It isn’t.

What makes it possible for America to weep over Planes flying over Nawlins while taking the low death toll for granted;fret over the obese “poor”; win cold and hot wars; and liberate the globe is wealth. And how and why is that wealth created by dreamers? Because in America we have unalienable rights from God to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to keep the private property we secure after taking risks that are never taken by dreamers in other nations because the laws don’t secure those rights. In those other countries, the people look to the government to take wealth from others to secure their government-granted right to do what the government says they can do.

That is why it took Standard Oil Americans to show Arabs how to drill for oil.

Exceptionalism costs money, and wealth has to be created before a socialist can spread it around. The last Democrat to understand this was John F Kennedy, which is why his administration is known as Camelot. JFK dreamed of an American on the Moon. But Obama’s Camel-Not cuts NASA because he don’t know Jack!

Lincoln dreamed of our union as the last best hope of man on Earth. ObamaDems’ dream of all Americans paying dues to their union of experts that know best what we should do, and the only dreams are to conjure are those of apology tours, federal-funded abortions and high energy prices to protect climate change scientists from their too hot to handle emails.

ObamaDems despise America so much they threaten to try Justice Department lawyers and CIA interrogators that kept us safe after 911 for war crimes, while letting ACORN pimps and New Black Panther thugs walk. They insist that 911 terrorists get show trials on Broadway, lest any Ivy league professor deem them morally equivalent to Bush while deny a trial for our Constitution they have sentenced to to death.

ObamaDems are waking a sleeping giant with their sneak attack on the fundamental character of Americans right to self government and the rule of law, as surely as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did.

The rooster announces the dawn of a new day and a new birth of freedom, after the ObamaDem deluge.

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