[Inspired by The Minority Report’s Pilgrim at Redstate]

Since the first unveiling of the various iterations of Democratic Party-sponsored health care reform last summer, the American people have sent unequivocal, vocal and electoral messages of their disgust and opposition to the socialist America tipping point that was the passage of the ObamaCare legislation last month.

The 21st Century tea partiers inspired to dump over-water mortgages into Lake Michigan as Obama rescued delinquent mortgagors, switched gears to protest a loss of Liberty to pursue health happiness much larger than even the liberties restricted by King George’s acts that were so intolerable to the Founders and the original tea partiers in Boston Harbor in the 18th Century.

Town Hall meetings held by Democratic Party Representatives on recess after their first votes for socialized medicine before the 2009 vernal equinox loudly rang the bell of Liberty in opposition to massive Medicare cuts bearing no relation any reform, but rather more resembling a robbery.

Then, every time the politically aroused were given a chance to register their disgust with ObamaDems in special elections, they booted the jack asses out in Virginia, New Jersey, and, most poignantly in the late Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts, where it appeared the election of Scott Brown had stopped socialised medicine in in its tracks.

Then came polls showing that the Democrats were already labeled as far left socialists in the voters minds due to their prior votes, and that they would suffer massive losses in 2010’s mid-term election no matter if they passed ObamaCare or not, especially given the deep recession that has sealed their fate in any event.

So, they defied representative democracy and imposed the personal Marxist dreams of ObamaDems on America by making the private insurance industry a public utility on the way to utter destruction; discouraging even more doctors from staying in practice, not to mention discouraging gifted students from becoming doctors in the first place; massively raising taxes on businesses small and large; saddling the states with massive unfunded Medicaid and Medicare mandates; and required, beginning in four years, that all subjects of the King by his insurance policy from his local agents, e.g. Blue Cross Blue Shield, et al…).

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi told us prior to the vote on the $2Trillion+ bill that Americans would realize how much they like the legislation, after it passes and everyone had a chance to read it!

The reading has continued, and next week, we will see the state of reading comprehension in a portion of the Sunshine State. Hopefully, the sun that didn’t shine on Pelosi’s bill before it passed will enlighten former voters Bob Wexler, far leftie Democrat (but I repeat myself, since ALL 60 Democrat senators voted for ObamaCare, and all but 34 of the 200+ Dem Representatives voted for same, but none of whom also voted against ObamaDems’ stimulus that wasn’t and currency-destroying budgets).

That’s right, the first special election after the passage of health care reform is in a previously-proven far left Democratic Party house district, much like the Ted Kennedy seat in the senate was the last vote before its passage.

So, tea partiers, irate seniors on Medicare, newly-enlightened Democrats and reliable Republicans, Do Not Be Discouraged! Get out and vote for Republican Edward Lynch to represent Florida House District 19 in Washington so that the building of the roster to repeal the blood-sucking, Dem-o-bat ObamaCare can begin!

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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