Not much of an audience for accepting responsibility for McVeigh’s mass murder in Arkansas, so I’ll come to Chappequa after we merge tea partiers and the EIB network with the FALN

Do my eyes and ears deceive me, but does Bill Clinton seem to be actually celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing as some sort of second President’s Day in honor of the earnestly-bitten lip that calmed a nation in anarchy, thus preventing any more domestic terror during the 21-hour breaks between Rush Limbaugh programs?

In his NYT column and television appearances, the Empire State’s First (adopted) Citizen never tells us exactly who said what and when to inspire and incite the OKC bombers. He conveniently omits McVeigh’s own justification of revenge for the 86 killed by the US military at Waco. More Americans were killed under Commander-in-Chief Clinton in Texas in one day than were terrorists killed at his direction in all of the other 49 states and all other nations on Earth combined during his eight years in office.

After 911, why do they hate us?

After 911, the Arkansas ex-patriot flew to Europe with bodyguards and asked why Osama bin Laden hated us, implying that America’s government had somehow brought the attack upon ourselves and that if we would only change our policies, the Islamists to love us.

That self-loathing was soon to be followed by 2003 Davos, Switzerland praise for the Mullah-led, Terrorist-state government of Iran. You reckon when the world’s largest sponsor of terror on Earth is praised by a former President of the United States despite the terror, that said nation might be encouraged to commit more terror?

Or is it Rush Limbaugh’s demands for an aggressive US war on terror that inspires would be mass murderers?

Would Bill and Obama’s perfect world be one in which Osama sends us a list of demands we must meet for his promise not to bomb the Pentagon, and we comply?

After OKC and before the next one, how dare they hate us!

After the OKC bombing, then President and former Arkansas Attorney General, Bill Clinton blamed talk radio for daring to “hate” his government and connected the dots in his mind between opposition to HillaryCare and 168 dead in Oklahoma. I guess he skipped torts, proximate cause and logic at Georgetown and Yale. Or did he just bone up more on prevarication, hubris and lip-biting?

The anti-obesity advocate feigns to be worried about the words of folks angry with Democratic Party-led government inciting others to violence against their government, yet, when he used the word “pardon” in 2008, he put convicted terrorists back on the streets. 

Terrorist Pardoner-in-Cheif

Think maybe Bill’s use of the word “pardon” risked causing more terror attacks than Limbaugh’s use of the moniker “Der Schliekmeister” to refer to the definer of the word “is”? What of the venality of the use of the word “no” by 70%+ of Americans, including Tea Partiers, in response to pollsters’ question of support for ObamaCare, bailouts, and $1.3Trillion budget deficits?

President Barack Hussein Obama joined in Bill’s derision of Tea Partiers this week, but do you think granting KSM a New York show trial might encourage a would be terrorist to seek martyrdom or fame?

OBL said Clinton’s use of the word “withdraw” in Somalia after Black Hawk Down convinced him that al Qaida could defeat the “weak horse”.

Did I mention that Bill Clinton pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists to help Hillary win New York? Who knew there were so many such voters there? But then again, Hillary did go on a “listening tour”. Guess Rick Lazio should have joined her and listened to that FALN terror constituency.

Did you know that Obama mentor, ghost writer and terrorist Bill Ayers was a guest at Bill Clinton’s White House back when Obama was organizing communities of ACORNs angry at government?

But Hillary would be better than Obama, right?

Hillary joined Obama last week in bashing our greatest ally for revenge for Britain’s crimes against  a paternal dreamer’s Kenya by publicly re-visiting the issue of the sovereignty over the UK’s Falkland Islands. No word on when Obama will re-open negotiations with the Cherokee over sovereignty in North Georgia, but Hawaii and other golf meccas seem safely ensconced in the Union so long as the greens don’t dry out.

It has become fashionable lately, given the extreme leftist regime under Obama, to imagine how wonderful would have been a President Hillary and to wax nostalgic about the Clinton years.

Hillary only looks good by comparison with what is and what people imagine she would be. But she would be the same liberal she has always been that tried to socialize medicine 15 years ago, although, technically, Bill’s defenders always conveniently forget that Hillary was not President of Health Care, and that it was President Bill Clinton that proposed ObamaCare in 1993 and made a last ditch plea to Democrats on Capitol Hill this year, just before the vote that made it law.

America is more than who was and is President, i.e. Congress matters

I too admit to waxing nostalgic about life before this second great depression, but I don’t wax with Alice in Wonderland where the brilliant feeler of pain single-handedly extended the Reagan Recovery for eight more years.

The 90s world I lived in was conserved by Republican opposition to Bill Clinton’s policies. If we had the greater numbers of GOP congressmen in 2010 as we had in 1993-4, ObamaCare would not be the law of the land.

Wilde Picture of Dorian Gray starts with a “D”

The unrepentant, living picture of Dorian Gray walks the Earth soulless, having sold out to the monstrosity the Democratic Party became after the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Or did Bill become a buyer of souls long ago when he took a train to Moscow, having found Oxford too right wing? One wonders if Clinton-logic would Bill for inciting violence against the government by loathing the military in public.

Prosecutors may be able to get grand juries to indict a ham sandwich, but not “climates of hate”

Soon after JFK was killed by a communist, the media told us that We the People were responsible for the “climate of hate” within which the tax-cutting anti-communist hawk was killed. Apparently assassin bullets don’t work in climates of love?

Then, we were told the same thing after his brother was killed by a Palestinian terrorist. If only we could effect climate change…

More evidence that Bill and Hillary suck too! Not just Obama. (Hint: Its the “D” after their names)

Hillary’s suspension of disbelief and refusal to condemn’s General “Betrayus” ad.

Senator Hillary’s 2007-8 votes joining Senator Obama’s against funding troops during war.

Bill’s recent revelation that, despite his signing of the Defense of Marriage Act, he was always was for gay marriage.

Bill’s recent derision of Al Gore’s discredited man-made global warming religion, despite Bill’s own missionary work for the MMGW church and advocacy of draconian energy taxes based upon the pagan earth worship theology.

It’s always all about Bill and the desperate attempt to salvage a legacy

Bill won no wars and was impeached while Muhammed Atta and Co. plotted for two years to continue the terror against the Paper Tiger that began with the 1993 WTC bombing and continued at the Khobar Towers, African embassies and the USS Cole.

It seems that punching Chris Wallace in the knee as punishment for asking him a tough question about his anti-terror policies as President doesn’t earn him a spot on Mount Rushmore. There will be no V-W Day (Victory in Waco Day) in his honor.

But, at least he got Osama’s night watchman and an aspirin factory. However, I hear that the widow and headache sufferers may be incited to violence by the words Clinton spoke afterward and that there are too many tea partiers in Little Rock for comfort.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published at The Minority Report