3000+ non-depicters of Mohammed killed from 911 to Fort Hood

If every television producer in Hollywood depicted “The Prophet” of Islam on their programs this week, would all of them be targeted for assassination next week?

Yes, which means the circumstance for such Los Angeles denizens visavis Islamists will not have changed since last week and at least since the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. All Americans have been under a sentence of death for being infidels all the years they refrained from blaspheming the religion of peace.

 In fact, many more would have been killed by Islamist terrorists soon after September 11, 2001 had not the water-boarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed uncovered the plot to bomb LAX.

South Park Conservatives

I am proud of South Park for their mocking of the Muslim weaklings who wouldn’t know they were gazing upon the founder of their religion, who had to resort to forced conversions to garner enough adherents to pay for a mosque, if they saw him.

Christ a cast member

One of the main stream (cowardly) media accounts I read concerning the threats to kill the show’s producers stated that the depiction was self-censured because Muslims consider depicting Mohammed as blasphemous. But that characterization of the reason for editing the original program is obviously a lie since South Park blasphemously mocked Jesus Christ so much over the years that they finally made him a regular member of the cast.

Christians don’t kill people for blasphemy.

Come to think of it Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Evangelicals and all of the sects of Christianity, that I am aware of over the last 400 years, that are not lead n by Jim Jones don’t kill anyone for any reason, much less innocent men, women and children. But if one considers capital punishment laws in America to be religious laws, then fine, we plead guilty to executing a few of those who kill innocent others, after a fair trial and ten years of appeals.

Obama bows to Minister Farrakhan

Has anyone heard our President condemn the threats? Or has Barack Hussein Obama praised South Park for their self-censorship respecting Osama bin Laden’s acolytes? 

Would a man who bows so low before Saudi royalty, that you wonder if he lost a contact lens, condemn those trained to kill the infidel in Saudi Wahhabist schools? Would a man that always refers to America’s greatest anti-Semite by the honorific of “Minister”, when Calypso Louis Farrakhan would do, have caved and accepted a post-911 gift to New York City from a Saudi prince that Mayor Rudy Giuliani rejected due to the condition of a reduction in U.S. support for Israel a change in U.S. policy towards Israel.

Even more interesting is whether Cynthia McKinney would have thrown her cell phone at Obama if he got the money before she denounced America and begged the Arabian Muslim to help poor blacks in her district, but I digress.

Would Barack and Cynthia be safe from Islamists after such appeasement?

Ask the families of the fallen on 911 and at Fort Hood.