A decade of global cooling and the Icelandic volcano concentrates the mind on how puny is man.

While liberals and Democrats fretted over SUV exhaust or human breathing overheating the planet with CO2 for over a decade, the Sun decided to cool it and Earth decided to trump all SUV and all other auto emissions ever emitted, in two days.

Then comes the first, First Citizen of the World

Elected in Berlin on July 24, 2008, First Citizen of the World, Barack Obama went on to consolidate his power by adding the chief executive position in the government of the United States of America to his resume.

Gone was the cause of all the problems of Obama’s world constituency: George W. Bush.

America could now get on with making reparations to the world for all its misdeeds in Iraq, Cuba, etc, and earn the love of the World. The US would throw in lower seas to boot.

America could also now overcome its fatally flawed constitution and be fundamentally changed by smart, un-Bushlike, compassionate, government-trained: social workers, ceo pay-setters, tax-cheats at Treasury, and Rahm’s thugs. Did I mention the really, really smart people, none named Bush?

But a funny thing happened on the way to the ObamaDemocrat-created Utopia. Obama met the endower of the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness he so longs to direct: Nature and Nature’s God.

The I’m not George Bush or George Washington Apology Tour

It seems that bowing before despots doesn’t earn their love. Slapping their Queen on the back, locking their Prime Minster in a waiting room and returning a bust of Churchill doesn’t make Britain’s heart go pitter-patter for Purple Mountains Majesty. Betraying Israel, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic not received as an endearment.

Nature abhors a vacuum

Iran taunts the youngster. The Russian bear finally sees life beyond hibernation, licking their lips over their recent domination of nuclear weapons talks as Obama goes out of his way to chastise Georgia. (A green light akin to the one Bush41 allegedly gave to Saddam just before he invaded Kuwait.?) 

Obama has insulted France, Turkey and Germany for good measure. It seems Obama is only loved abroad by the scum of the earth in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc.

Finally, B. Hussein Obama reached out to al Qaida by scheduling Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s  OJ-Trial at the scene of his act of war, er ah…”crime”.

Then, Nature pushed back even in New York City and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Republican Scott Brown ran for Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat by running against ObamaCare and civil rights for 911 terrorists and temporarily stopped ObamaCare in its tracks. His victory and the NYC mayor’s opposition to the KSM trial have put the trial on hold.

Liberal Democratic Party Liberalism and Executive Overreach

If you will hurry up and pass this stimulus, we will keep unemployment under 8%. Did I mention that you need to hurry? You can read it tomorrow.

So we mortgaged the future and all we got were unnecessary state jobs saved, that we still have to pay for. Obama takes over General Motors in order for US taxpayers to fund UAW pensions and salaries as welfare for idle Chevy lug nut tighteners, with the fringe benefit that the owner of General (Government) Motors can disadvantage its Toyota competitor with the club of government.

The cap and trade energy tax rejected by the Congress may be crammed down our throats via EPA regulations, much like worthless mortgages are being crammed down taxpayers throats while all cheer that some poor bank CEO is getting his comeuppance. But Americans that voted for Obama are the ones are the ones getting the real comeuppance, as Nature would insist, but I digress.

So, more than a year and millions more jobless later, lets end the Bush  tax cuts; impose new sin and business taxes; and mandate new charges for individuals, businesses and state governments for health care and insurance.

Nature takes its course as the economy tanks, deficits octuple and Americans are told what light bulbs they can use and how much salt they can shake. And if you are 105-years old, take a pill and die.

Tea partiers were created in the same mold as Crispus Attucks in the 18th Century, Andrew Jackson in the 19th, and Southern and other post-Proposition 13 Reagan Democrats who became Republicans in the 20th. They lived under the natural result of tyranny by expert dictators desirous of controlling the lives of others, and nature took its course.

2010 as 1982

Even before ObamaCare passed, and really even before ObamaDems started pushing socialized medicine bills, the failure of the stimulus had already destined them to electoral collapse. Obama is in the same boat as was Reagan in1982. Both inherited economies in crisis and neither got them fixed before the mid-term. Reagan’s GOP suffered a terrible defeat. So will the Dems.

Add to that basic accountability trait of human nature, the substance of the ObamaCare law and the procedure ObamaDems used to enact it. Even if the bill had not been pushed thru, the Dems were going to be held accountable for backing it, especially given the ferocity of their steadfastness in snubbing their noses at Town Halls, Tea Parties, New Jersey, Virginia and even the Brown-out in Massachusetts.

Nature’s God

The acolyte of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has ended the National Day of Prayer.

Let that sink in.

The man that always calls Louis Farrakhan “Minister”, bans Rev, Franklin Graham from a tribute to the military, adding insult to injury. Those bitter clingers just don’t know how to behave toward our Religion of Peace friends, you know. Much as Arizonans don’t know how to treat our Mexican friends south of the border, just as Obama pushes for amnesty before Newt II arrives next January.


JFK cut taxes and caused the 60s boom. Obama is destroying the private sector by taking over auto, student loan, health, and much of the mortgage loan industries.

JFK stood up to the Soviets. Obama caved to the Russians.

JFK pointed us to the Moon. Obama guts NASA.

As Bill Clinton, in the role of Merlin the Magician says to Obama as King Arthur in a Rush parody:

This is Camel-not because you don’t know Jack!

Americans without enough jack are learning the natural effect of liberal ObamaDem policies on how much jack they can earn under ObamaDems vs the life they enjoyed under Nature’s God.

I’m thinking our Creator wins that argument in 2010 and 2012.

Nothing would thrill me more than to see World Citizen Obama able to travel his domain unfettered by American executive power on January 21, 2013.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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