Being a 20-year Rush Ditto-Head and talk radio junkie, I love Neil’s last name signal for a commercial break, much as I have enjoyed his legal and political insights since I arrived in ATL in June 2001.

But it was always a great disappointment for me, a rabid right-wing conservative convert after 18 years a Democratic Party activist and official in South Carolina until 2000, that the conservative Boortz regularly wasted votes and advocacy for third-party candidates that inevitably help keep liberal Democrats in power to foist their failed policies upon We the People.

So I was relieved to hear the purveyor of painful truths announce on Friday that he would no longer vote for Libertarian or other third party candidates for federal offices in Congress or the Presidency.

Vote Republican

It turns out that Boortz now sees that there are trillions of dollars worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans, much less a dime, and that the threat of ObamaDem policies are grave.

Boortz now carries the Grand Ole Party card. Yes, he will still vote for Libertarians in state and local races. So? I do too. Party doesn’t matter nearly as much in state and local jurisdictions that can’t print money.

Welcome Boortz. This elephant will never forget this day we have been waiting for, for years.


We love your show and regularly listen, but…

Could you get rid of some of that hostility for Christian free speech and some of that wasted energy pushing the un-FAIR and un-workable national sales tax that will never be passed? Why never? Because it takes 2/3 of of both houses of Congress and 3/4 of the states to repeal the 16th (income tax) Amendment, which is a pre-cursor to passage of a FAIR Tax law, in a country so divided we couldn’t pass an amendment praising mom and apple pie, much less baseball, Chevrolet and repealing class envy tax vehicles.

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The Minority Report

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson