Not part of the captive audience spoon-fed broadcast network political correctness and Olympic “values” that treat dead Jews like monkeys

More than a dozen years ago we limited our viewing of the three major broadcast networks to live sports, Seinfeld re-runs, and recorded (so we can fast forward through the ads) Sunday political shows. After making exceptions for House and 24 for several years, and tiring of soundbite prime-time political TV, we extended our TV sabbatical to all but sports, portions of the Sunday shows and “Hammertime”, i.e. the last 20 minutes of Fox News Channel’s weekday “Special Report” featuring Charles Krauthammer and The Panel.

But we love America and the Olympics is sports, so we resolved to give the National Broadcasting Company a shot. We were happy to find a righteously indignant Bob Costas chastising the Olympic Committee Powers That Be for refusing to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Arab/Muslim/Palestinian terrorist murders of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympiad:

As the athletes marched in Friday, Costas said that IOC President Jacques Rogge led a moment of silence for the late Israelis this week before about 100 people at the Athlete’s Village.

“Still, for many, tonight with the world watching is the true time and place to remember those who were lost and how and why they died,” Costas said.

After a five-second pause, NBC cut to a commercial.

Liberal hear no evil monkey silence meant to keep Arab/Muslim despots happy was bad enough. Too bad it was interrupted by the noise of a no longer great, Britain, ashamed of its Glorious Revolutions, political and industrial, but pathologically prideful of socialist medicine. The Opening Ceremony never visualized all the slaves freed thanks to William Wilburforce. Wouldn’t want to call attention to all the African and Asian nations that still engage in the practice?

Films on the Industrial Revolution only showed black smoke billowing from factory smokestacks. Cameras never panned toward the humans on the ground benefiting from exponentially greater standard of livings and life expectancy. Nothing to see there. Is it any wonder that so many immigrants to England, Scotland and Wales never warmed up to a nation that seems ashamed of its own past, and thus turn to radical Islam that has no such qualms about even its terrorist present? After all Sharia and its dehumanization of women, “honor” killings etc. is part of “mainstream” Islam that even some U.K. barrister’s wig-wearing judges honor in their courts.

Domestic work and play timing allowed us to view both tennis singles finals at the same time as the event schedule informed, so when this gamecock tuned in to the peacock’s flagship network for the only event we truly craved to see live, not only didn’t we see a Bolt vying to remain the World’s Fastest Human, half of the “athletes” on the screen were horses. Sorry, we have Sea Biscuit on tape and don’t like to be reminded of Rhett and Scarlett’s child lost to equine exploits in Gone With The Wind.

Finally, the flap over the supposed offensive monkey commercial that aired  immediately after the first African-American female won gymnastics gold for the United States reminded us of 2008’s Obama Campaign that branded Bill Clinton a racist over the South Carolina primary and Liberals that find accurate drawings of Blacks, that they suspected to be caricatures, to be insulting.

Of course, given their serial use of fake charges of racism against conservatives and Republicans for decades, both NBC and Bill Clinton “deserved” their respective comeuppances, but what do you call a person that deems large lips and dark skin offensive? Racist maybe? And didn’t anyone else see the old Eddie Murphy stand-up routine (later mimicked by Martin Lawrence) that cataloged the numerous physical characteristics that Caucasians share with simians?

So, its back to radio, especially for news and ofttimes even for sports. Feels right as Rush on the EIB network and Don Sutton calling Braves games on 750 WSB.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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Editor of  Hillbilly Politics and Co-Founder and Editor of Political Daily

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