Solving the illegal immigration problem is really quite simple. Any elected representative or congressman may feel free to use my multi-part solution…

Step 1 – Militarize the Border

Deploy all available National Guard troops from every State to the border. Give them decent Rules of Engagement to suppress border crossers. Loud speakers, warning shots and detainment’s. If they are attacked, give them standing orders to shoot-to-kill. All captured illegals will be finger-printed, have their picture taken, and have a DNA sample obtained. Enter them all into a database. They will never be allowed to apply for legal entry – period! Bus them back over the border. If they are caught again, they shall become part of Step 2.

Step 2 – Build the Damn Fence

Do a nation-wide round-up of day-laborers without notice. This part is quite simple as you can conduct the raids at any home improvement store in the country. We can probably round-up tens of thousands in a single day. This group of illegals becomes our fence building crew. Bus them all down to the border and put them to work. To be humane, pay them 10 bucks an hour, give them food, housing and medical care. Allow them to send their earnings back home to Mexico, or their country of origin. Work them in three shifts, around the clock, till the job is done. Source materials from American companies. Individuals building the fence shall be allowed to apply for legal entry 10 years after they complete their assignment.

Step 3 – Cut-off the Incentives

Federal Mandate (as much as I hate them) to all States. Immediate removal of all undocumented individuals from every school in the nation. Immediate denial of any public assistance whatsoever. Only emergency care will be provided at hospitals. Arrest and incarcerate any city, county or state official who does not immediately take steps to ban Sanctuary to illegals. Arrest and incarcerate any employer who knowingly hires, or continues to employ illegals. Require all land-lords to verify the legal status of their potential or current tenants.  Eviction within 30 days for anyone who cannot prove their legal status.

Step 4 – Stop the Money

Ban all electronic wire-transfers of money from the United States to all Central and South American countries, unless being sent by American Citizens, or legal residents. Any money attempting to be sent by unauthorized persons, shall be seized and re-directed to help pay for the fence.

Step 5 – Stop Foreign Aid to Mexico

Immediately cease all public funds going to Mexico. Demand that the Mexican government put their troops on their border to stop illegals from trying to leave Mexico. Any aggression displayed by the Mexican forces will be deemed an act-of-war, and appropriate steps will be taken by the US Military to prevent further acts of aggression. Upon successfully stemming the tide of illegals, financial aid may be re-implemented.

Step 6 – Anchor Babies

Immediately cease granting US Citizenship to babies born in the US to illegal aliens. Babies already born to illegals will be required to return to their home country with their parents. When they reach 18 years of age, they will be allowed to return to the US – without their family members who are not Citizens! No current anchor baby will be allowed to petition for legal status for their parents, or other family members, for a period of 10 years after their 18th birthday, and their legal return to the US.

Step 7 – Legal Immigration and Assimilation

All future applicants will be required to get in line. Yes, the line is long! It took me 17 years, so I don’t care if they wait that long either! All approved applicants will be admitted on a temporary basis. They will be given one year to become fluent in English and assimilate into the American culture. They will be tested at the end of the year. If they fail, they will be deported. If they pass, they will then be allowed to begin the process to obtain their US Citizenship. During the time from their admittal to our Country, and the granting of Citizenship, they will be forbidden from obtaining any government-provided social-services. This includes Medicare, Social Security, Unemployment and In-State tuition to our colleges and universities.

Is this harsh? Hell Yes! Is it fair? Probably Not! Life is harsh and not fair. What our great nation has endured for the past 40 years has been harsh and not fair. It is time for us to take our country back, and give a little pay-back in the process.

For all those that say we cannot possibly deport 10-20 million illegals, with my plan, we don’t have to. You cut-off their ability to work, go to school, or a doctor, they will flee on their own. It is either they leave, or they help build a fence, and then get pushed over when it is finished. Their choice!

In the meantime, support Arizona!