Months ago, the NFL announced that it was moving its opening day extravaganza to Wednesday night, so as NOT to detract from Obama’s coronation…er, acceptance speech the same night. Well, the party that has scrubbed all references to God from its platform has now learned WHY people pray….because, well..plans have a funny way of NOT working out.

Way back then, it was envisioned that Obama would be speaking before a packed Bank of America stadium, providing a perfect tableau for the MSM to promote the image of the inevitable election day victory.

Well, well..times have changed. Obama’s poll number are sinking, and he was forced to turn to Bill Clinton to try and save his rear end…er….nominate him, in the BIG speech of the convention.

For weeks, the MSM, the talking heads..the chattering classes have been wondering..what will the Big Dawg say. Clinton loathes Obama, and the best chance for Hillary 2016 is if Obama loses. So, there’s a lot riding on the Clinton speech..including just how far Bubba strays off the reservation.

Unfortunately..nobody will be watching the speech..all eyes ..especially the eyes that Obama needs to reach..will be glued to NBC ( yes, NBC) watching the start of the NFL season.

And the lunatics at MSNBC will be denied their big platform to spew their vitriol.

and BTW…