Most Americans, as they learn more about Bergdahl’s desertion,  and the incredibly high price Obama paid to exchange him, are scratching their heads, and wondering “Why?” and “What were they possibly thinking?”

Actually, there is an answer…a very simple one.


Occam’s razor tells us that when we have several different theories, the simplest one is most often correct. Or,

When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.

They are absolutely panicked about the continuing expose of the VA scandal. They thought this would work; that the American people would be ecstatic over Bergdahl’s release, and feel all warm and fuzzy towards Obama for bringing it about.


Chuck Todd, MSNBC’s resident WH sycophant and butt boy today admitted on air that the WSH has been caught off guard by the public outcry, they believed that Americans would “rally round the flag.” Watch:

But don’t be surprised that they are just plain stupid. After all, for more than 3 years they told us that the Ft Hood massacre was an act of “workplace violence.”

For nearly 2 years they can’t tell us where Obama was,  or what he was doing,   on 9/11, while the  Benghazi compound was under attack, and four Americans died.

And just recently, they keep on telling us that the  Ben Rhodes email about Benghazi wasn’t about Benghazi.

They’re stupid enough to try anything. They are petrified about the VA scandal, and they cobbled the exchange together in a few days, without even attempting to think it through.

Wag the dog, dude.