Our Leader calls his FIRST cabinet meeting to discuss the critical issue of spending control, and heroically requests the cabinet members to find, over the next 90 days, $100 million in savings.  Some perspective:

* This is about .005% of the forecasted 2009 budet deficit.

* At this rate, it would take the Cabinet almost 5,000 years to find enough savings to balance the budget.

* $100 million is about 2% of the value of the earmarks in the 2010 budget.


* It is about .003% of the (original) 2009 total budget.

* It is about .0002% of the total (and rapidly increasing) sum of unfunded future federal liabilities of $59 trillion.

* It is about 2 HOURS of interest expense on our total national debt.

On the positive side:

* $100 million is probably twice Nancy Pelosi’s budget for G-5 jets and crews, which she requires to be available 24/7. 

* It is only 10 times the budget of the failing Senate Restaurants.

* It is only 1/7th of what Our Leader raised for his presidential campaign.