Music to my ears:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) gave a speech today at the Kill The Bill Rally in St. Paul in which she entreated Americans to refuse to comply with the Obamacare law on health care if the Democrats use the Slaughter Rule to “deem” the Senate bill passed without actually voting on it. Bachmann said that if such tactics are used, “then the bill is illegitimate, and we don’t have to lay down for this. It’s not difficult to figure out.”

Check out the video around 20:00 minutes in.

Bachmann’s rhetoric is the hottest to date, but her call for civil disobedience is only one of a large number of examples of conservative legislators seeking official rejection of Obamacare across the country. Here in Louisiana, for example, state sen. A.G. Crowe has authored S.B. 26, the Louisiana Health Care Freedom Act, which would seek to nullify Obamacare on a host of grounds as violating state and federal law and provides…

Dan Riehl takes a different view on her statements, but states himself that:

Personally, I can’t see myself bending to what would be, in effect, a non-law. The word to attempt a takeover of such a significant portion of the economy and American life through un-Constitutional means is tyranny, not law.

The comments in Dan’s post are heading in the same general direction I have noted on other sites. Powder keg is an understatement and passions are very high. If millions refused to comply through whatever means, does one arrest all of them?

More states are joining in. The real unanswered question is – in what form should this civil disobenience take?