What does Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, Jim Bowie and Rick Perry have in common? Not much from where I’m sitting. A little over a month ago Brian Robert’s of the Texas Tenth Amendment Center wrote an very informative article titled The EPA Can Go To Hell and I Will Go To Texas. In it, he explains how Texas poses a political problem for the EPA and those who favor centralization of power in the federal government.

…Texas’ common sense policies have resulted in cleaner air while maintaining one of the healthiest economies in our nation during the current recession.

Rick Perry was quick to talk the talk:

The Obama administration has taken yet another step in its campaign to harm our economy and impose federal control over Texas. On behalf of those Texans whose jobs are threatened by this latest overreach, and in defense of, not only our clean air program, but also our rights under the 10th Amendment, I am calling upon President Obama to rein in the EPA and instruct them to study our successful approach for recommended use elsewhere

Expectations ran high that Perry would show himself a true leader and protector of the residents of Texas and, as is his duty under both the Texas and U.S. Constitutions, take action to protect the rights of Texans. A good start is to work with the state legislative bodies in a special session towards enacting nullification legislation declaring federal mandates with regards to the Clean Air Act null and void within the boundaries of the state and add some teeth by including penalties for federal agents or local law enforcement agents that attempt to enforce this federal law within the state. Not only would this send a strong message to Washington that Texans don’t roll over, but such a shot across the bow of the federal fleet would embolden other states that look to Texas for real leadership to follow suit. To date Perry has not walked the walk:

For the last week, Governor Perry and the Texas legislature have been rattling the 10th amendment sabers and highlighting the success of the Texas policies. However, this week, the EPA officially took over control of the permitting process for one of these Texas refineries. EPA Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz stated that the EPA is prepared to take over Texas’ entire permitting process. Now that the EPA has made it’s move, it is time for Texas leaders to quit talking and take significant action.

The above action by the EPA took place on May 25th of this year and was the first time in any state the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency seized control of a clean air permit. In May of 2010 the federal government violated the sovereitngy of Texas and inserted itself directly into an area of jurisdiction where it did not belong. Liberty loving Texans are now asking themselves just where is Governor Rick Perry and what is he going to do about this extra-constitutional infraction by the EPA.

The later part of last month found Rick Perry in China. From We Texans’ Rick Perry, The Eyeliner Of Texas Is Upon You:

GOVERNOR PERRY’S TRIP this week to China to participate in the Shanghai World Expo is another clear indicator that business continues as usual. While hard working Texans are lamenting, as did Thomas Paine in 1776, “These are the times that try men’s souls,” we’ve apparently not yet gained the serious attention of our state leaders. If we’re to build the world anew, as our founders did and as TEA Party and 9-12 activists have been so adamantly demanding, we’re going to have to do things differently. State leaders must focus on Texas. Can I have your attention, PLEASE? The economy continues to lag, the border remains a hot-bed of unrest, the EPA is inserting herself more and more into the Texas energy sector. Now is not the time to travel the globe.

We must focus on Texas. We should be asking ourselves why Mary Kay and Texas Instruments find it necessary to manufacture their products in China. What regulations are driving them from their homeland? If Texas has such a great business climate, why do these fine companies find it necessary to establish manufacturing plants overseas? What can we do here in Texas to bring them home?

The juxtaposition with historical Texas heroes and Rick Perry is difficult to subsume. The two are so mutually exclusive that in some sort of mental analogue to the Pauli exclusion principle, one finds it impossible for the two to simultaneously occupy the same mental space. In a state known for its independence, Rick Perry appears to spend more time getting gussied up for appearances than protecting Texans from federal intrusion. Well shined cowboy boots, expensive suits, manicured fingernails, and attention to hair eerily reminiscent of John Edwards, one could forgive me if I feel Texas is on shaky ground when it comes to real leadership. If you thought we had true leader in the Texas tradition, sorry to disappoint. What we have is just another slick talking politician paying lip service to ideals Texans hold dear, while tap dancing faster than a barefooted Michael Flatley on a hot bed of coals. GQ needs their suit back and Texas needs leadership.

It was rumored the great Greek mathematician Archimedes was killed at the siege of Syracuse by a Roman soldier whose challenge he ignored while deeply immersed in a mathematical problem. As the federal government continues its march to conquer Texas, our AWOL governor appears more captivated by self-image and preoccupied with playing the role of leader while not actually leading. If Rick Perry’s contribution to protecting the sovereignty of Texas from federal intrusion is the creation of a new fashion trend – the Cowboy Metrosexual – it is reasonable to ask if he deserves the honor of serving the great state of Texas. From Sam Houston and Davie Crockett to Rick Perry. If that progression scares the hell out of you, you’re not alone. The sun is indeed setting on the Republic if Texas can’t make a stand. It’s time for Rick Perry to roll up the sleeves and get a little dirt under his fingernails on behalf of those he purports to represent.

Less image and a great deal more action would be greatly appreciated at this point. Then Rick Perry can proudly occupy the same lofty places as other great Texans. Texas would thank him. So would the country.