The Great Gun Debate of 2013

    If you look at hashtags on twitter such as “#gun, #guncontrol, #gunrights, #nra” and so on, you will find an ongoing, vicious battle between gun owners and gun control activists. The issue with this debate is that there are not two well defined sides reaching for common ground, but contributors for each side looking from countless angles and scenarios. Yes, the current gun debate is a messy one. | Read More »

    What’s in it for ME?

    As I watch the news, I see Liberals calling for gun control, raised taxes on the rich, and an increase in spending, in addition to shoving Obamacare down our throats. I sit in wonder and disgust, asking myself “Why do they want these things? I thought these people were elitist bigots who didn’t care about the American people, so why are they pushing to assist | Read More »