Friday afternoon the Albuquerque Public School (APS) District school board met and announced they would be giving APS superintendent a short suspension after his sexist tweets comparing New Mexico Education Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera to livestock.  Just a three day suspension.
The Rest of the Story
This past week we heard a lot about Brooks inappropriate tweets.  But I think we have been looking at this incident the wrong way.  We should look into the entire sequence of tweets preceding and following Brooks livestock comments.  What led him to say what he did?  I actually did more research after a couple of Leftists challenged me on Twitter and helped me to discover more of the entire conversation between Brooks and the young ladies he was conversing with when he made his livestock comments.

Below is the entire set of tweets.  Reading from bottom to top the tweets will be in the correct sequence:

Superintendent Brooks went from cracking jokes to throwing around sexist comments as he was spurned on by the two young women.   Brooks got three days off…but what about the APS social media director Maralyn Beck who joined Brooks and pushed him to say what he did?  Did Beck even apologize?  The school board seems to be allowing her to get out of this free even though she very well may have been the one that led Brooks to send the “livestock tweets” by driving him on with joking replies to his comments earlier in the evening.
A History of Behaving Unprofessionally
If Brooks was on Twitter in his professional capacity, why wasn’t he *behaving* professionally?  Why was he behaving as if he were twenty-something and tweeting as if he was in a chat room with a couple young women?  Brooks has had a habit of responding carelessly to tweets:

Now keep in mind that Beck’s job is to run APS school district social media, a job that makes over $50,000 a year.