Most of the people I spoke to who were voting for Obama had their reasons for doing so.

In the course of 4 years each and every one of those reasons has been invalidated beyond a shadow of a doubt.

They didn’t want a President to act like a King, they didn’t want a Cowboy, wanted someone who could communicate, they didn’t want partisanship, they didn’t want a “Christian Conservative” (zealot, ideologue, etc.), they didn’t want the patriot act, didn’t want to be at war, didn’t want to start new wars, expected to be doing better, wanted spending to stop. The list goes on and on.

What they ended up doing is hiring a progressive academic with little practical work and no management experience. The person they hired is incapable of working with anyone in his own party let alone anyone who disagrees with him and who makes decisions on his own because he can’t participate in or control the process.

They hired an ideologue working largely on his own with absolutely zero bipartisan support who supported his party and their continuing spending as an enabler of their actions. This person went so far above and beyond the last President in spending that he eclipsed all Presidents before him – combined – in his first term all while not passing a single budget. Not one.

Leveraging Bush-era intelligence gathering, programs and practices he’s continued what he said he would stop – but takes credit for their successes. He entered us into another conflict while trying to manage others around a campaign schedule, sits waiting for pressures to build holding military funding hostage while “other people” figure out how to compromise.

The person they hired has played a staggering amount of golf, he and his family have taken lavish vacations, keeps bankers hours and has eclipsed prior Presidents by fundraising over 160 times – 8 weeks of time – in a never ending string of events taking time away from focusing on the problems at hand. All while throwing tons of fossil fuel into the effort in the least green manner possible.

They hired a person who is clearly not a leader, does not drive change, sub-contracts and delegates way too much, clearly has a communication issue, cannot ‘run a business’, hires his friends and acquaintances and blames others for not enacting his desires while not working to make his wishes a reality. Clearly enjoying the limelight, appearing on TV shows countless times, but not the work light.

They hired a person who does not take hold of a problem and try to fix it – they hired someone who blames others while asking people to keep him in office and uses his own ineffectiveness as justification for his lack of success. They hired someone who, clearly, is not a leader.

I listened to all of the reasons people voted for Obama, I really did.

You had your reasons for voting the first time. Be consistent. For the same reason you voted for Obama the last time you cannot vote for him this time.

If you vote for him again it’s for no other reason that you will put Party and Ideology first, Country second.

Maybe you could sleep at night, look your kids in the eye, while not being true to your convictions. I, on the other hand, can’t think of a more shameful act of selfishness, cowardice and horrible inconsistency.