Think about the countries our forefathers left in order to come to America – countries where:

  1. Power, not wealth (a side effect of power), ruled Man
  2. Class, not equality nor opportunity, decided your fate
  3. Laws were determined not by the many, but by the few
  4. People served the State – one not an advocate for them
  5. Wages were confiscated without representation, property belonged to the State
  6. Nature was subverted to Rule

Did our forefathers come here for Wealth? No. But listen to the speeches of the current President and you would think it’s all about Wealth.

No, with all due respect Sir – it’s about the freedom.

Conservatives, like many other conservationists, are not day to day activists. If they see a need to protect something they step into action. Do you think the many parents whose kids rode dirt bikes ever though they would one day have to assemble themselves to protect the ability of their kids to participate in sport due to an overreach and/or oversight of the Government and a Lead law? No – but when need arose they stepped up and did when they felt was right and then faded to again observe.

I hear many times how Conservatives want to keep these United States stuck at a particular point of time. While convenient for their argument it’s simply not the case, a straw many argument if ever there was. As a case in point please refer those people to the Amendments to the Constitution – particularly the 1st, 13th-15th, 19th and 24th. Inevitably you may have also to refer them to 410 US 113 and 505 US 883, 550 US 124.

Why do I mention those in particular? The establishment clause was meant to ensure religions freedom by preventing the Government from establishing a state religion – this counters the Left fear of the “Right Wing Christian Conservatives”. The rest of the Amendments abolished slavery, established equality for all men and later for all Women, removed financial barriers to voting – we are equal, class is not established nor required. The last straw of most arguments was already settled by the supreme court but subsequently has been modified to keep up with advances in science (viability) – and why not all may agree it’s a compromise up for constant scrutiny.

What we, as conservatives, are looking to preserve is the essential structure of our Country that ensures our freedoms.

  1. Power belongs to the people. Wealth is a side effect of opportunity and effort.
  2. The People decide their fate as individuals as well as collectively – locally and nationally.
  3. Laws should be reasonable and representative. The People should be engaged and vigilant to limit their scope.
  4. Our Government exists at our pleasure and should be limited to it’s essential functions.
  5. Property belongs to the individual, it is our Right. The Government must limit it’s confiscation and consumption of the fruits of our efforts.
  6. Freedom and opportunity shall be universal.

So with all of the discussion and proclamation (and creation) of class warfare and all of the “millionaires and billionaires”  rhetoric aplenty from the Left keep in mind that the Conservative ideal is one of  a free people with limited government, personal liberties and limitless opportunity.

Anyone who disagrees – remind them, it’s the Freedom, stupid.