Ok, let’s stop focusing on what Romney is worth.
Let’s say it’s $250M

  • $61B: Bill Gates
  • $44B: Warren Buffet
  • $36B: Larry Ellison
  • $22B: Michael Bloomburg
  • $100M: Al Gore
  • $200-350M per year: What Oprah earns
  • 37:  Democratic Senators, Millionaires (67% of the Senate, Millionaires)
  • 73: Democratic Congressmen, Millionaires (47% of all Congress, Millionaires)
    11: Over $200M PowerBall winners last 4 years.

Take a look at this article which has an interesting point – there are a lot of rich Democrats.

Did Mitt Romney take money out of my pocket to make his money?
And if he did I never even noticed…

The President and nearly half of Congress and over half of the Senate are part of the “%1”.
They have great jobs, great health care, great retirement benefits, have tons of other perks and get it all at taxpayer expense.

Maybe it’s time to focus on what really matters – experience, goals, deliverables – you know, the same thing we expect from service providers every time we engage them.

Stop worrying about what Romney has made and focus on what he can do based on that kind of success.
In the US we build on success, we don’t try to tear it down.