Let me begin this purgative by unequivocally asserting that no matter what religion you are (and yes, atheism is a religion), your morality, your sense of right and wrong, isn’t “natural” but is, instead, owed to Divine Omniscience whirly-birding through Time.  I know this because I’m a huge supporter of Christian Theocracy and placing a cross above the Capitol, not to mention making public schools – all of them – de facto Bible seminaries.

Ha….  Not really!  A cross above the Capitol would violate the Secular Manifesto, which alone among manifestos detects letters in the Constitution stating – unequivocally! – that “church and state” are separate—like thin and fat Elvis.

So, I apologize—I’d rather a cross FRONT the Capitol, anyway.  And, of course, it goes without saying that we must microchip every child with a Billy Graham sermon accompanied, in B-flat, by “The Star-spangled Banner.”

What?  No?  No CHIP?

Well, you’ll find this strange—I agree!

To make a point, I chose something rational people recognize as evil, immoral, unacceptable, and Satanic.  But, again, the question is why—why the universal horror, even among atheists who, upon seeing the name  “BILLY GRAHAM,” spittle-washed their computer?

Remember: D.O.W.T.   (Divine Omniscience Whirly-birding through Time.)

This buggers atheists.  Words beginning with “f” start to fly.  Indeed, whenever I engage them – progressives, humanists, or whatever they call themselves (Hillaryphiles?) these days – I’m inevitably painted as some chromosome savage, a mutant crossbreed: JOHN PAUL HITLER.

But that’s okay.  Attacks are predictable, they affirm confusion, and it’s normal to see secularists treat Christians like Turnip Farmers.  This doesn’t alter conscience or change from whence it comes.  Human conscience remains UNIQUE—and by that I mean unique in Nature wherein – treehugger e-mail notwithstanding – devouring Cuz, defecating in public, and theft are status quo.  

The real issue – getting back to my point – is why?  Why is Nature so doggone laissez faire – once you get past the brochure – whereas, people insist on rules and stuff?  Why – how, rather – is it that human beings have a conscience?

Atheists will tell you, matter-of-factly: BECAUSE, before labeling God a “fairy tale,” asserting religion as the font of human suffering, and amusing themselves with the “flying spaghetti monster.”  The universe, in their mind, just appeared – ex nihilo – like a cab on a rainy night, with Yahweh as mythic as Frankenstarch Bolognese.

Cute.  Atheists are cute, but so are tigers, and there’s irony in their words.  Not to generalize – I would never do that! – but atheists in my experience are to varying degrees: vile, profane, and really, really upset at the mention of God, His Son, or …. shhhhhhh…. the HOLY BIBLE.  The irony being that these mockers, spewing f-this and f-that, somehow believe that—men are good.  Born angels, rather than born devils and made good by social paradigms, moral instruction, and the Judeo-Christian ethos that pervades *society.

(*Oakland Raider fans are an exception.)

It isn’t so.  Sorry.  Men (gals, I’m talking manKIND) aren’t natural New Age shambala-subscribing Om-chanters who eagerly volunteer, each month, to Save the Panda.  We’re born with a conscience (Thank God!), but this doesn’t mean your two-year old won’t steal, lie to your face, and persistently, cruelly jab Spot with a nine-iron.  We mature, and the mature conscience, writ large, is what pervades and informs social mores.  We comprehend that jabbing Spot is uncool, and the reason we comprehend it is on account of moral reason, self-awareness, and the conscience that separates men from lizards (and Raider fans).

Still, despite the fact that humans are the only species to devote whole sections of libraries to “Self Help” – acknowledgement of debauchery! – atheists spurn the Source.


That’s right; it didn’t “just happen.”  (Resist Creation segue—RESIST!!)  But as Malcolm Muggeridge once said: “The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but the most intellectually resisted FACT.”

Remove God from society….  Go ahead, atheists, secularists, Nancy-pelosi-ists, and Raider fans—REMOVE GOD, the influence of a Higher Power and, specifically, Jesus from…..


The inevitable.  Yes, you know you’re winning the argument when your adversary reaches back one-thousand years to discredit you with Tancred de Hauteville’s martial horde.

Question: has any Christian ever drawn debate knives with an anarcho-atheist without, in the spirit of Godwin’s Law, being fed this tripe?  Moreover, are you aware that each time a self-appointed, non-Christian “biblical scholar” cherry-picks medievalism in order to mock Jesus an angel gets its wings?

Again, the problem for atheists is that they either deny or fail to comprehend that morality is God-created.  Loath to admit that Christianity’s footprint on Earth, its unspoken influence, overwhelms – and informs – their “reason,” they practice that which they decry: “blind faith.”  In nothing.  The God of Me.

What about Hindus, Greg—Hindus, Buddhists, and the Miley Cyrus Fan Club?

Good question.  My being a “Bible-thumping zealot” doesn’t change the fact that, from the Beginning, God gave man choice (free will), and that conscience is seminal across continents, deliberately sowed by divine orchestration.

The apostle Paul addresses this in the New Testament.  Romans 1:20-22: For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.  Because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts darkened.  Professing to be wise, they became fools.

He didn’t stop there.  2 Corinthians 10:4-5: For the weapons of our warfare are not of the world but mighty in God for demolishing strongholds—casting down arguments and every pretension that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

Paul set parameters.  Morality is to men what a board is to chess—the board is required to play the game.  It guides moves, creates Order.  And it didn’t just “appear” like a mushroom on a cow-paddy: someone…. someTHING….  made it.

His invisible attributes are clearly seen.

Paul was addressing believers and non-believers.  He was boldly imparting truth.  Those who deny God – who reject the supernaturalness of the Board – do indeed use worldly weapons, cloaking them in claims (of “reason” and “logic”) while setting themselves, in exaltation, against knowledge—the knowledge of God, from God, which sets Man apart, not only from other species and the world, but often –  in the absence of Grace – from himself.

~Greg Halvorson

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