The United States of America believes that all Americans have the right to express themselves as they wish, and that the validity of their thoughts will stand or fall in the free marketplace of ideas.

We believe that the strongest and most noble ideas are impervious to distortion and that they rise above iniquity. They appeal to our common humanity and they do not need violence to support them.


Why Are the 90s Back? (LISTEN)

The victims of today’s rioting were real people with families, and children, who served their country with patriotism and distinction. They were not related in any way to the film that sparked this murderous rampage. Their murder is not sanctioned by anyone or any faith. Their death reflects the barbarity that would try to subvert a great religion.

These attacks are incursions onto the sovereign territory of the United States of America, and as such, they cannot be sanctioned. The United States will respond in a manner and time of its own choosing

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