As we have been predicting, Gingrich is on his way down in Iowa.  Once he gets past a certain point, he doesn’t have the charisma to come back.  Gingrich is taking it from every side in Iowa ad buys.  Everyone, Romney, Paul and Perry are hitting him from the right.  Gingrich has replied with no negative ads and hardly any positive ones.  How noble, but stupid.  A new Iowa Rasmussen poll has Romney leading at 23% of republican support!  With Gingrich at number two with 20% and Ron Paul coming in with 18%.  That leaves Perry holding steady with 10%.  Another poll has Ron Paul leading.  We need a guy that can win the election.

Tonight there is an opening for someone.  The Iowa GOP doesn’t want Romney or Paul.  Gingrich is a sitting duck and is going to hand this election to Romney if Iowans let him.  I feel confident that they won’t.

Conservatives in Iowa have Santorum, Perry and Bachmann to choose from.  If any of these three can deliver a knock-out performance tonight, they will become the anti-Newt/Mitt/Paul candidate we’ve been waiting for and if they can begin to rise, there won’t be enough time between now and January 3 to bring them down.

I am looking to Perry tonight to demonstrate one more time that he is finally ready to articulate a conservative message that is all about jobs, jobs, jobs to the GOP.  He a Christian man, husband of one woman, he has a conservative enough record, he is pro-life and his record is the opposite of Obama’s, he allows job creation not job losses.

Conservatives ought to coalesce around Perry not because he is inherently better than Representative Bachmann or Senator Santorum but because he has the money, prestige and record to go the distance with this thing.  If we power Santorum or Bachmann to a win in Iowa, so what?  How will they take down Romney coming off a New Hampshire win without any money for ad buys or get-out-the-vote initiatives?  They won’t be able to compete.  Perry has the money to make this happen.

Rarely in life do we get one of those end-of-the-movie moments where a group of people wait with breathless anticipation to be inspired and to follow.  Tonight Rick Perry will survey that exact scene before him.  If he can knock this out of the park, he will be the guy Iowans coalesce around going into Christmas.  That is exactly what we need.