Following Michele Bachmann’s terrible defeat in Iowa, this site as well as just about everyone else was calling on Congresswoman Bachmann to end her campaign for president.  Yesterday she did.

I applaud Representative Bachmann for stepping down prior to South Carolina.  This was an act we can all respect.  Consolidation of the conservative vote is very important if we are to stop Mitt Romney.

The last year of Michele Bachmann’s political life has been in many ways her greatest.  Over the past year we saw a more subdued and responsible Bachmann that we can be more likely to trust in a leadership position.  If Bachmann can temper her passion with a bit more political experience and wisdom, she will be primed to take on an important leadership role in the House Republican Conference.  During the last go-around she was passed over for such a role.  If she continues to show her passion while continuing to move toward more responsible rhetoric, this is a Congresswoman I would feel completely at ease with taking over a significant leadership position.

Bachmann is a federal tax attorney, if she would begin to show more depth in her political analysis of the Affordable Health Choices Act (Obamacare), Dodd/Frank, EPA regs, etc., there would be no cap on her ambitions for whatever job she wanted.  Personally, I trusted Bachmann to be one of us and to do what she said she was going to do, but I was concerned that she didn’t have the experience and wasn’t demonstrating the depth to really take on the task of repealing legislation such as the healthcare mandate, corporate tax rates and Dodd/Frank.  These bills are much more complex than simply calling them “job killing”.  If a candidate could articulate some actual problems and provisions with these bills, we maybe could change hearts and minds and that candidate would have become the frontrunner in this race.

Bachmann’s tax plan also acted as a sort of noose around her neck.  It excited no one.  I didn’t quite understand the point of it.  It was attempting to be a “fair” income tax?  The only memorable line I would hear from her in the debates concerning her tax plan — would be that taxes would come down on the rich and go up on the poor.  Not exactly a huge winner politically.  If Bachmann wants to run for president, I would like to see plans that were better thought out next time.

In the meantime, it has been a privilege to see a strong, pro-life, Christian woman run for president in the Republican Party.