Earlier this week, the VEEP rolled on into Danville in the southern portion of our fine Commonwealth.  He told the largely black crowd that Romney would unleash the chains put on Wallstreet by Obama.  He went on to add that Romney wanted to put the black people in the crowd “back in chains.” 

I concede point number two.  Anyone who has been to Romney’s campaign website will quickly find the link calling for repeal of the Thirteenth Amendment. 

But what struck me as most odd was the VEEP’s moral high ground in regards to Wallstreet.  It would be ROMNEY who would unleash Wallstreet?

It’s funny because I have not heard Romney tout any principals like that.  It caused me to wonder what Romney would do.

I wonder if Romney would allow Tim Geithner and Hank Paulson to bring the nine CEO’s of Wallstreet’s biggest investment and lending banks into one room.  I further wonder if he would demand on behalf of the government that they buy each other up, thus becoming double in size and double “too big to fail” and encourage such a deal as incoming president.  I wonder if Romney would then give these Wallstreet Bankers money whether they wanted it or not with the support of President-elect Romney. 

I further wonder if President Romney would champion a bill into law by former Senator Dodd and Congressmen Barney Frank that was essentially written by Wallstreet bankers.  I wonder if the bill would ironically provide a way to break up big banks, when in fact his administration backed a deal that made the banks even bigger in an unprecedented move.

I wonder if Romney would further become the greatest friend to big businesses in our nations history.

I wonder if Romney would come into office and work for a year on behalf of big Pharma to pass a healthcare law that would instantly provide, by law, millions of new customers to selected private companies, thus enacting the most pro-big business bill in our nation’s history.    

I wonder if that’s what Romney would do.  If so, I wouldn’t say his entire Bank and Corporate reform was unreasonable.  But I would ask that his VEEP not go into the next election and claim that he was for chaining up the beasts of Wallstreet while his opponent wanted to unleash them.  Because that would make the Vice President’s words untrue.