The DNC & our gaping abortion hole

Thus far, more than any other subject, the Democrat National Convention has proven to be focused unequivocally on limitless abortion rights.  From an opening night zeroing in on the republican WAR on women, featuring the President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards preaching about how “Mitt Romney is campaigning to get rid of Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v. Wade,” to NARAL’s Nancy Keenan stating “Mitt Romney would take away OUR power to make decisions about OUR lives and OUR futures” to Sandra Fluke and the First Lady promising that her husband “stands for” abortion, there has been a laser focus.

All in all, it has been a real pro-abort circus.  These pro-aborts have their knives out in a sickening manner.  The DNC’s platform calls for more abortions than previous DNC conventions have called for.  And Mr. Obama with his First Amendment violation mandate, taxpayer-funded abortions overseas, pro-abort SCOTUS justices, Planned Parenthood-or-bust budget, remains at the center of it.  Obama has once again proven himself to be the abortion president.

Republicans, to their credit, have tried to avoid contentious social issues.  They have tried to make this election about the economy, but the pro-aborts won’t have it.  They want to make this election about aborting the lives of unborn children.

In response, Republicans have made a mistake.  Just because we put our swords away and vow to fight another day, doesn’t mean that the opposition has sheathed their swords.  The reason we lose referendum votes on life and that we don’t get bills through Congress, is because Republicans won’t go to the mat for the rights of all Americans.

While I understand what our convention aimed to achieve, we obviously made a mistake.  It isn’t just that we didn’t promote our cause, it is that we didn’t sell our values to the American people.  We didn’t share with America why we are on the high road that promotes family.

It isn’t that we don’t believe in the rights of women, it is that because we care about women, born and unborn, that we fight this fight.  It isn’t because we want to deny rights, it is that we believe that the rights of some don’t come at the expense of the defenseless.  We believe that America is better than this.  We believe in America’s future moms and that they want true leadership on this issue.  That is why we fight for the unborn, because we are a good and righteous people.

Unilateral disarmament only emboldened our enemy.  The pro-aborts have put abortion front-and-center in Charlotte without a response from those who stand up for people without a voice.  Next time, we need to be ready to fight the good fight.  Even when we were silent, the left still bullied and lied to the American people.  We failed to stand firm on this important issue.  The least we can do from here on out, is respond to the lies and deception emanating from Charlotte and never again leave a gaping hole on the abortion message.