Last night, our beloved President (46%) claimed the mantle of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  He likened the double-dip recession to the Great Depression.  The frightening aspect comes in realizing that if Bush is Obama’s Hoover, and Obama is his own FDR, how long will the recession be dragged out?  Will we have to enter a World War to get people working again?

The President, after running one of the most broadly negative and substance-free campaigns of modern time including more personal attacks on Romney than Romney has leveled on him, returned to selling hope last night.  He told the audience that they were the real hope . . . for his re-election bid.  But like the real Obama that we have grown to know and love, his tone quickly changed.

It wasn’t long before he began accusing others of “not paying their fair share.”  He lambasted Americans that work hard and simply want tax cuts.  Obama claimed assumed his own special knowledge of who needed tax cuts and who didn’t.  Throughout the speech, there was zero acknowledgment that tax dollars are earned by the wage earner and thus not tied to a patriotic duty to forfeit the right to them.

The President accused the Republicans of being void of ideas, which set us up for a point-counter-point to Romney’s five point plan.  Yet there wasn’t anything.  As Charles Krauthammer pointed out, Obama laid out a half-ass vision for where he would like to be, without telling up about how we were going to get there.

Obama claimed that he presided over an America that is manufacturing again, but only named the Auto bailout as proof.  Which couldn’t serve as proof because the auto industry never failed, it was in danger of failing.  But cars were always being made.  The dismal August jobs report released today should be all the proof we need on manufacturing jobs.

Obama lectured Americans on the role of government.  He took the moral high road on marriage against the position he had earlier this year.

At times, the President his viewers pretended that he had a different presidency when he spoke of all the new alliances he has built abroad.

At one point, Obama invoked inalienable rights from our Creator while doubling down on his promise to continue stripping away those rights from unborn Americans.

Even Obama took a moment to reflect on our troops, he gloated that he “was no longer just a candidate,” but now, “the President” with a pride that no modern Republican President Bush has ever showed.

Out of one side of his mouth, Obama talked of taxing the successful business owners here in America, while in the same breath, talking about bringing their businesses back to America.

The President pretended as if the choice in education was between children going to school and rich people keeping their money.  He lied about Medicare vouchers.

The speech reeked of empty rhetoric.  He spoke of educational opportunity while pushing nothing but government education and the same failed policies that have landed us last in education.  He pretended that a shortage of math and science teachers and expensive college educations were the problem with education.  It was like listening to a fantasy speech when he called on recruiting hundreds of thousands of new teachers to insert into the same failing system as some sort of ailment for our troubles.

In spite of all of this, Obama provided Americans with a truly “WTF” moment when he spoke of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as “new” to foreign policy.  The most inexperienced of all 44 presidents was gloating over his rivals.  The man that had never governed anything, run a business, controlled a committee – done anything of significance, wagged his finger at two successful men.  It was truly mind-boggling.

In spite of all of this, the President continued to embarrass Republicans on citizenship, he fired up his base and he put himself firmly on track for re-election.  The absurdity of his speeches of old, prevented his rhetoric from flying too high last night.  But the same policies of a failing president were firmly entrenched.  And his re-election is still the likeliest outcome.

We want to know why America is sick.  Look at the two stooges heading up both parties and the seals clapping for them in the audience and you’ll see why.