This week marks the second in which the City of Chicago’s public school teachers are on strike.  Meanwhile 400,000 students are out of school.  Parents are struggling to find childcare.  Police officers are struggling to contain all of the idle hands and democrats are experiencing first hand, the selfishness that Unions can wreak on a locality.

Do not get me wrong.  I am not completely against unionization.  There was a need for them in this country when big business worked America’s labor force as if they were slaves.  But that time, has for the most part, passed.  There are workers in the coal mines and elsewhere that still likely benefit from Unions.

But the overwhelming pattern that we see emerging in this century are unions killing an industry.  Don’t believe me?  What happened to our steel industry?  Who almost killed General Motors?  Why is America at the bottom of the western world in math and science?

For the second time in as many years we have a public sector union flexing their muscle with the taxpayer, the demographic they supposedly serve.  Should workers be allowed to unite in a common cause?  Of course.  But that doesn’t mean public workers should be allowed to take out their grievances on our children.

The points of contention in this strike, are actually a microcosm of the problem at large.  This is the exact reason why it is high time that school boards get tough on teacher unions.  This Union is angry that Union members are now being held accountable for the performance of their students.  Under new changes in the system, 40% of a teacher’s pay will in part, correspond to how well their children are performing on tests.  In addition, the Union is marching in outrage due to the potential closing of schools that are no longer needed and viable.

Nowhere in their general complaint is there a concern for Chicago’s children.  They aren’t marching to demand that students be held accountable in their math classes or that children be held back if they don’t understand science.  They are in full force marching for their own financial interests.

I join America in praising the work that teachers do.  Kids today are more difficult to handle than they have been in America’s history and the work that our teachers do is invaluable.  But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be pushed to do better.  It doesn’t mean that teachers can’t be asked to accomplish and attain as the people paying them are asked to do every day.

This movement is more concerned with pay rates and job security than pedagogical success.  That is endangering the country’s future supremacy in technology and ensuring that poor children never get the education necessary for upward mobility.  It is this interest group that is using the Democratic Party to block school choice at the state and national level.  The more we see of teacher unions intentions, the more Americans can see who is truly looking out for the future.  These unions have jumped the shark in the eyes of most Americans and that is a good thing for our children.