Ok, excluding Senator(s) McCain, Graham and Ayotte, does anyone give a damn about what UN Ambassador Susan Rice did or did not say?

For those who have missed it, the McCain/Graham duo is back and better than ever, throwing all of their resources into opposing UN Ambassador, Susan Rice’s future bid for Secretary of State.

The reason?  Because she repeated the “protest” line during the Benghazi cover-up.  Essentially, she, like all employees of the Executive Branch, followed the lead of the President and claimed that the terrorist attack was in-fact a rocket-propelled protest gone wrong, rather than a terrorist attack.

Maybe it is just me, but I don’t see why this matters.  What good does it do to pour all of our political capital into stopping a Secretary of State appointment, when Obama is just going to put forward someone like John Kerry to replace him?  So she is irresponsible, is this something we didn’t already know?  After Van Jones and the guy from Harold and Kumar, did we think Obama was responsible in his nominations?  I would love to see Senator Graham grow man parts large enough to oppose a SCOTUS nominee with the same fervor that he is opposing Rice’s nomination.  In the end, the Secretary of State is simply going to push through Obama policies.  That is not the case with SCOTUS nominees, who Graham has no qualms about supporting. 

If saying something stupid now prevents a public servant from taking office, I can think of two Senate mavericks that shoot off their mouth entirely too much. 

This is a zero sum game for everyone involved.  So our UN rep spouts the talking points of the White House, so what?

And what about Hillary?  Has McGraham’s relationship with the former Senator clouded their judgment on her failure in Benghazi?

The simple fact is that this is Obama’s mess.  He is to blame for the cover-up.  But, Obama was too strong and we couldn’t tie it to him.  Senator McCain endorsed Mitt Romney for President.  Lindsey Graham endorsed Mitt Romney for President.  Kelly Ayotte endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Mitt Romney tried and failed to force Obama to answer for this and now we are still trying to settle the score and come out with our pound of flesh through a minor player. 

We aren’t going to get it.  We failed.  They win this round.  Maybe, if McCain knew anything about economics, we could begin focusing on those types of issues instead of the inanely unnecessary. 

Oh, and when is someone going to primary Lindsey Graham?  His worthlessness to conservative causes is staggering.