Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is angry.  He is angry because CNN and NBC are producing pro-Hillary Clinton specials.  Priebus has vowed to pull CNN and NBC’s access to the Republican 2016 contenders if they don’t pull their television specials.

It is all well and good to take away CNN and NBC’s access to the candidates in 2016.  This is something we should be thinking about.  But that isn’t Priebus’ reason for threatening a boycott.  Ever since Priebus’ man Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election, as conservatives warned he would, Priebus has been looking for a fall guy.  He famously released his GOP 2012 election autopsy in which he blamed pro-lifers, conservatives, Romney’s primary opponents and the number of debates for Romney’s loss.  Never did he blame the candidate, a Robot Mormon.

The number of debates was a big one for the Chairman.  He didn’t like the exposure that so many non-establishment candidates received and wants to make sure that they don’t receive the same level of exposure next time around.  In Priebus’ view, we would have been better off without having other candidates tear into Romney and instead coronate him without all of the debates.

It is true that too many primary debates don’t help a candidate in the General election, but Priebus has been all too clear in the past that his intention was to consolidate the number of debates.  Now he is acting as the hero of the right, taking a stand on principal.  But that isn’t the case; he is trying to open up the road to well-funded candidates that don’t need exposure like Chris Christie while giving lesser funded candidates such as Mike Pence, less debate exposure.

I don’t trust Priebus.  He isn’t terribly competent and he certainly isn’t trustworthy.  He is a snake and he is playing the GOP on this Hillary issue.  Eventually, the snake will bite us.  Reince should be more focused on making the primary process easier for charismatic conservatives rather than establishment robots.