Stimulus spending. Bank and auto company bailouts. Cap and Tax. Obamacare….just what will Obama cost you?

The answer is roughly one month of your life—this year.

Americans for Tax Reform has calculated and “celebrated” Cost of Government Day each year for the past 20 years.  We add up total government spending and total government regulations–federal, state and local and divide by the national income to calculate how many days you and I work to pay the total cost of government.  The well known Tax Freedom Day–usually about a third of the way through the year–only calculates the tax burden, leaving out the costs of deficit spending and regulations.

Last year Cost of Government Day was July 16.  This year it is August 12.  Twenty-six days, almost one month more for the cost of government. And to cheer you up, this doesn’t count the costs of “Cap and Trade” taxes on energy use or the additional one, two, or three trillion dollars to “reform” our health care system by the noted physicians Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

The growth in the cost of government comes largely from the bailouts, the “stimulus” and the dramatic spending hike in the first Reid/Obama/Pelosi budget.

In the past, the Cost of Government Day would improve by a week or so during the Reagan years, fall backwards in the wrong direction under tax and spend Bush 41, and improve a week or two during the GOP controlled congress that fought Clinton, and we lost time during the Bush 43 years when the same Republican Congress forgot to fight the spender wearing the R jersey.  But those movements of a week or two in the cost of government day took place over eight years.  This jump of twenty-six days in the wrong direction took place in just one year.

Discussing Bill Clinton had a danger in the 1990s in that you sounded pornographic when you discussed Clinton’s behavior.  Now with Obama we risk sounding hysterical when we correctly describe what Obama, Reid and Pelosi are doing to the economy. It is difficult to believe that this is happening.  How do you get someone to believe you when you accurately report what these characters are doing in Washington?

Our contribution to the effort to calmly describe a train wreck or report dispassionately the blow by blow barbarian conquest of Rome is to publish the Cost of Government Day report on  The numbers and pretty graphs and pie charts speak for themselves.  The report makes King Lear sound like a romantic comedy.