1. Did the White House receive letters, phone calls, emails, or other pressure from Democrat lawmakers demanding audits of “tea party” groups?

Obviously, leading Democrats were calling for audits. How did the Administration handle the pressure … or was it colluding with them?

2. If so, which Democrat lawmakers and what was the White House’s response?

We need names, emails, visitor logs, phone records, etc.

3. Did the White House receive communication from IRS or Treasury Department personnel regarding communications from Democrat lawmakers requesting audits of Tea Party groups? If so, how did the Administration handle?

To what extent was the WH aware? Or was the WH colluding?

4. Did the White House receive complaints from Tea Party groups complaining of IRS harassment? If so, from who and what was the White House follow-on action?

Then in contrast, what were WH responses to comparable complaints, if any, from “progressive” groups?

5. Was the White House aware of media reports complaining of IRS harassment of Tea Party groups as well as other donors to opposition party political candidates? If so, was this noted by the Administration and what was the follow-on action? If not, why not?

If the groups being harassed had been, for example, women’s or minority-rights oriented groups, would the response have been comparable?

6. In light of the President’s strong statements on the impact of the Citizens United decision, what additional steps did the Administration, Treasury, or the IRS take to ensure that IRS employees adhered to the strictest ethical practices possible and to avoid conflicts of interest despite the prejudicial statements of the President?

7. What communications between the White House and either Treasury or the IRS occurred relating to Citizens United and the Administrations plans to remediate what it saw as an “unjust” decision by the Supreme Court?

8. What “tips” did IRS, Treasury, or the White House receive relating to alleged fraud by Tea Party groups, from where did those tips originate, and what was the Administration follow-on action?

If the Administration acted on these, did it also act on any comparable “tips” relating to “progressive” groups of a similar ilk?

9. Does the Administration, Treasury, or the IRS have a regular “summary” report of the attributes and “meta” data about organizations being targeted for audits, being denied certain status like 501c4, and other decisions which may be the result of improper influence or conflicts of interest? If so, were any red flags raised about the disproportionate number of Tea Party tagets? If so, what was the response?

10. In light of the above, does it not make sense to put the implementation of Obamacare on hold until the crisis in the IRS is resolved and all questions have been put to rest?