I have spent the last few years observing and enjoying the ever expanding use of the new digital media by the political right to insure that we have the opportunity to have our voices heard and views expressed. For decades now the vast majority of traditional media outlets seem to have had little use for honest reporting of the news but rather twist the events of the day to push a corrupt political agenda. Facts and accuracy have fallen by the wayside and are far less important to these propagandists than manipulating public opinions. Before the establishment of The Fox News Channel there were few places besides talk radio for conservatives to gather.
Pioneers in the new media like Eric Erickson, Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart paved the way for others to follow. The Internet has provided a forum for our frustrations and a place where conservatives both new and old can network have our voices heard. It has given the opportunity for new leaders to emerge and grassroots networks organize on a massive scale. I believe that without the Internet, the Tea Party Movement would not have had nearly the impact that it has and would have stood little chance of gathering millions for a march on DC.
Conservatives have made great strides forward in the entertainment industries. Movies and documentaries have spread like a virtual wildfire on the Internet. We’ve even had a few mainstream hits with a conservative message.
While we on the right have made great use of the web and the freedom it provides it has come time that we begin fully utilizing other forms of mass communication. I believe the next step is video games. Before everyone starts laughing consider this, it is estimated that 72% of Americans play video games. Only 53% of Americans go out to the movies! These numbers come from NPD the marketing research firm but several of the other sources I compared were remarkably close to their numbers. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold 4.7 million copies in just 24 hours! Think about that, a game with America as the good guy, where the bad guy isn’t a neo-nazi or evil capitalist corporation bent on world domination. While there have been plenty of other successful titles that have features America as the good guy, it is time to take that a step further. It is time to build a game that pits conservative values against the socialist/fascist worldwide movement. It is time for game where the hero is taking a stand against a corrupt system and standing up for the principles that we believe in.
The left will just say that this is indoctrination but screw ’em. They have been indoctrinating this country through our schools, social programs, movies, music, games and above all else the media for decades.
Now I have some ideas but I don’t have the technical skills to put something like this together. I will continue to work on my own but I am also reaching out to you for help of any kind. All ideas and input will be welcome.