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(Updated) Results of this non-scientific ‘straw poll’ do show a connection regarding the two Texans. As I have read elsewhere, it would appear Rick Perry’s decision to run will be incumbent on whether Ted Cruz declares his own candidacy.

Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) 111 votes
Gov. Scott Walker (WI) 109 votes
Sen. Rand Paul (KY) 96 votes
Gov. Rick Perry (TX) 58 votes
Gov. Bobby Jindhal (LA) 52 votes

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Select up to 5 and vote once.  I will edit and publish on March 1st

Who are your top 5 contenders for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination?

 Gov. Scott Walker (WI)

 Gov. Rick Perry (TX)

 Gov. Chris Christie (NJ)

 Gov. Bobby Jindhal (LA)

 Gov. Nikki Haley (SC)

 Gov. Susana Martinez (NM)

 Gov. John Kasich (OH)

 Gov. Mike Pence (IN)

 Gov. Brian Sandoval (NV)

 Gov. Tim Pawlenty (IN)

 Gov. Mitch Daniels (IN)

 Sen. Marco Rubio (FL)

 Sen. Rand Paul (KY)

 Sen. John Thune (SD)

 Sen. Tim Scott (SC)

 Sen. Rob Portman (OH)

 Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH)

 Sen. Ted Cruz (TX)

 Rep. Paul Ryan (WI)

 Rep. Peter King (NJ)

 Rep. Michelle Bachmann (MN)

 Former Gov. Sarah Palin (AK)

 Former Rep. Allen West (FL)

 Former Sen. Rick Santorum (PA)

 Former Gov. Jeb Bush (FL)

 Former Sec.State Condoleezza Rice (CA)

 Former Gov. Haley Barbour (MS)

 Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR)

 Former Amb. John Bolton (MD)

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