We are privileged to pass on this “Thank you open letter to Mitt Romney”

 “Dear Governor Romney.  Thank you for coming to Morrisville, PA this past Sunday.  After your remarks as you went down the line shaking hands with those who had stood there 5 hours to get a front row spot, I am the one who got your attention by saying ‘My son is Special Forces, a Green Beret.’  You immediately turned your full attention on me for a moment and I quickly asked, as you shook my hand: ‘PROMISE ME YOU’LL NEVER LEAVE THEM BEHIND?’  Looking me straight in the eyes while still shaking my hand you replied, PROMISE and then turned away and continued down the line shaking hands.  I’ll pass your promise on to my son and you can be sure he will feel confident that no matter what mission you and his commanders ever send him on, you’ll not repeat what President Clinton did to US Army Rangers in Mogadishu as reported in Blackhawk Down, and you’ll never repeat what President Barack Obama did in Benghazi, Libya more recently.  Thank you, God bless you, God bless America and we pray for your victory tomorrow, election day, and your keeping this solemn promise you made to me this past Sunday as our military’s and my son’s new Commander in Chief.”

(a Hanover Henry exclusive; name of the dad who provided this withheld by request for security reasons, ie. to protect the identity of the special forces soldier).

I don’t have much to add to that except these two points.  First, we are thankful to all those mothers and fathers, spouses and children of those who serve America in the military, prepared to follow orders that may get them wounded or killed.  Clearly the above experience with Mitt Romney is relayed by someone very proud of his son but who will also lose far more than the rest of us if a future mission goes wrong.

Second, if Mitt Romney loses a close race today, I know I am one of many conservatives who will always remember that he chose not to make a big issue out of President Obama’s Libya lies at the second debate when he had the chance to do so at the third debate.  In any event, I feel pretty good about Mitt Romney being trusted to do the right thing with our military as their Commander in Chief.

Speaking of that Romney speech in PA…  I have sources who passed on to me original videos of the remarks of Paul Ryan in Harrisburg, PA this past Saturday, and in two parts, of Mitt Romney at Morrisville, PA (just north of Philadelphia) this past Sunday.  Members of the York County Chapter of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION OF PA), they stood in line waiting in the Pennsylvania cold for over 8 hours to get a front row spot to videotape these “closing” remarks summing up the very best of Mitt Romney and Paul Romney.

The size of the crowds show why PA IS IN PLAY.  Win or lose, these last speeches by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan summarizes their message as the campaign comes to a close and your passing this on to your friends – preferably today – would be appreciated.

VP Candidate Paul Ryan Speech at Harrisburg Airport, 11/3/12  http://youtu.be/7s4CWNJknNQ

Mitt Romney at Morrisville, PA (north of Philadelphia) 11/4/12 (part 1 of 2 parts) http://youtu.be/oDnXRZ2vIv4

Mitt Romney at Morrisville, PA (north of Philadelphia) 11/4/12 (part 2 of 2 parts) http://youtu.be/Ip_ptkWSoSw


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