How deliciously cynical of the First Couple that they would take a holiday in Stickville, USA so they can pretend to know us and know the pain they’ve inflicted on us:

Barack and Michelle Obama flew off for a brief holiday in North Carolina on Friday in what was seen as an attempt to take a “middle class” vacation more in keeping with those of ordinary Americans.

The Obamas spent their holidays last year in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts island beloved of millionaire businessmen and celebrities.

However, following the US president’s fresh attack on Wall Street greed this week, it was apparently deemed wiser for Mr Obama not to be pictured relaxing alongside the same bankers he has been lambasting.

You know, as cute as all this stage-propping might be…it’s stunning that Obama would think a weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by Secret Service and Local Sheriff’s Deputies, along with a few rounds of golf on courses most of us can’t afford to play on, is sufficient to feel what life is like in the middle class.

Stunning in its arrogance.

Next trip, how about the President and his family spend a weekend in, say, a cardboard box under any bridge in any major US City…maybe even in a public park on a bench-no food, no water, no roof over their heads. An extra special nice touch would be that they spend the weekend in a homeless shelter and be forced to eat the soup kitchen food our new middle class now eats…you know-the folks that used to have jobs, used to have homes…and now have nothing but what the Government hands out to them for their daily sustenance.

Now THAT would be a really cool weekend…hunh?