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Yesterday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer slammed President Obama in a video ad for his meager (and foolhardy) response to her request for help in securing the Arizona border:

“Two weeks ago, I met with President Obama. He promised that we would get word from his Administration on what they were going to do to secure the border. Well, we finally got the message…these signs. These signs calling our desert an active drug and human smuggling area. These signs warning people of danger and telling them to stay away. I’m 80 miles away from the border, and only 30 miles away from Arizona’s capitol. This is an outrage. Washington says our border is as safe as it has ever been. Does this look safe to you? What is our country coming to?

It’s a valid question Governor, and one millions of Americans find themselves asking more and more every day. To his credit, Dan Benishek, running for Congress in Michigan, gives a pretty good answer to that question (albeit a little more bluntly than Obama might like) by saying this:

“I stand behind Governor Brewer 100% and I applaud Arizona for doing for themselves what the Obama Administration has failed to do. It is the federal government’s duty to protect our borders, but what should a state do when they fail to meet that duty? I believe Arizona had an answer to that question and that they were willing to take action when the federal government failed them.”
“According to an article by Arizona State Senator Russel Pearce: ‘Poll after poll shows support for this law at 70 percent or higher. Here in Arizona 56 percent of Democrats, 60 percent of Hispanics and 86 percent of Republicans support it’. With numbers like that I cannot understand how the federal government can challenge this law. President Obama and the Democratic controlled Congress has pushed through bill after bill with far less support than the bill that this one has, it just goes to show that they have completely lost touch with the American people.”

And the list of folks running the country that have “lost touch with the American people” doesn’t end with Congress and the President. Consider DHS savant Janet Napolitano who, in an appearance during which she “pushed back” against critics of the Federal Government’s failure to do more to secure the borders, claimed that the border with Mexico will never be totally sealed:

“The plain fact of the matter is that the border is as secure now as it’s ever been but we know we can always do more,” Napolitano said. “The notion that you’re going to seal that border somehow is something that anybody who’s been involved in the actual doing of law enforcement, the frontline work of law enforcement, would say you’re never going to totally seal that border.”

“The notion that you’re going to somehow seal the border and only at that point will you discuss immigration reform — that is not an answer to the problem,” she added.

Funny, Ms. Napolitano, given that way back in 2006 that is exactly what the American people demanded…and what Congress (reluctantly) ultimately promised they would do. To suggest that the border is “as secure now as it’s ever been” Napolitano appears to be calling Americans stupid…or ignorant; with murders and kidnappings at an all time high, Napolitano insults our intelligence when she claims this is much ado about nothing more than political posturing and grandstanding.

Even her boss is in on the action, and it’s especially entertaining to hear Obama’s doublespeak about reform before secure borders because he appears to be placing too much dependence on America’s collective short-term memory loss. He seems to think we can’t Google Senate roll call votes from 2006 and determine that he voted YEA to HR 6061 (Secure Fence Act of 2006). Apparently he got the message back then about OUR demands for stopping the flow across the border and THEN sorting out what to do with the illegals that were already here. Republicans heard us. Democrats heard us. Obama, by voting in the affirmative, presumably ALSO heard us. But, apparently being President allows you to pretend there are certain things you just never did…even if you really did do them.

Obama is waging a fight he has to know he can’t win…but he’s making sure he calls everyone names, denigrates their efforts to accomplish the things he can’t be bothered to attempt, and then lay the blame at the feet of a party currently in the minority over which he should have been able to exercise full control; the Republicans:

“I’m ready to move forward,” Mr. Obama said in a speech at American University in Washington. “Democrats are ready to move forward. I believe the majority of Americans are ready to move forward.”

Yet, he added, “Without bipartisan support… we cannot solve this problem.” Immigration reform, he said, “cannot pass without Republican votes. That is the political and mathematical reality.”

Many of the 11 Republican senators who voted for comprehensive immigration reform in the past have changed their position, Mr. Obama said.

He went on to say this:

“The system is broken, and everybody knows it,” Mr. Obama said. “Unfortunately, reform has been held hostage to political posturing and special interest wrangling.”

It is unrealistic, the president said, to think the border can be completely sealed before the federal government can address comprehensive reform. Morever, he suggested it misrepresents the facts.

The real problem here is that Obama is pushing for something we’ve already told him WE don’t want. Comprehensive reform might have its future time and place, but we aren’t going to support it until we know we have stopped people from crossing into the country illegally. It’s not complicated. And, to suggest we were right 4 years ago (when he voted yes on securing the border) and says NOW that the border can never be sealed and secured, Obama is admitting he is a failure and can not lead the country through this crisis. It’s ok-lots of us knew he wasn’t qualified for the job when he got hired…everyone else is just finally coming around to the same reality.

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