I have been watching Clint Didier’s campaign for a while.  He first caught my attention speaking at a candidates forum on January 16th.  He spoke very powerfully, and was on target with his ideas.  His message was raw, and rough around the edges.  He  has been speaking out against what is going on in DC, at Tea parties in Eastern Washington for months.




He is a Pasco Farmer, who has been having to work with the Federal Government.  His business involves having to deal with issues of enviromental regulation, labor laws, and the economic forces of illegal immigration for a long time.  He has literal “on the ground experience’ with the effects of federal enforcement and with the lack thereof.  His company has to earn revenue, pay the bills, respect the market, and listen to customers.  Though lacking in political experience, he has a better view of what the country needs and lacks, than Patty Murray, the Senator he would like to replace.  We all know the Countries Leadership has become blind and deaf.   What better place to start than with a person who uses all five senses, and has to live with the results of his judgement.

I have hesitated to bring forward Clint Didier on RedState because he was missing some crucial components to be successful in politics.  Specifically money, and evidence that he can persuade others.  Two things have happened to change that.  First, on March 4th, he announced he has gained the endorsment of a major Republican political figure in Western Washington.  Kemper Freeman Jr. is the major mover in Bellevue, a large and wealthy city on the opposite side of Lake Washington from Seattle.  It is far more Republican  than Seattle.  He has continued his father’s success in real estate, turning a strip mall into the largest and most successful mall in Washington State (Bellevue Square).  He owns, or has built much of Bellevue.  He is very influential in the WS Republican Party.  Didier has gained a blue chip endorsment and a chairman of his finance committee.


Fusion GPS Takes the Fifth

“I see Clint as just the kind of man we need in Washington today,” said Freeman of his endorsement. “He’s a proven champion who isn’t making this effort for any reason except to truly serve the people of this state and bring our runaway government spending under control.”

The Seattle PI wrote this article on Kemper Freeman.




Secondly, I’ve seen Clint Didier improve as a political figure.  He has updated an already first class website, to include give a compelling personal story about why he is running.

In this time of worry, grief and despair, it is heartening to hear a person speak confident and boldly, about the story of America’s success.  He truly believe’s in the American Dream, has experienced it himself, and would like others to succeed as well.  He has a very powerful voice, a good story, the right ideas, and can speak about them outside of a canned talking point format.  I believe he can persuade Washington voters to take a chance on him this fall.

Lastly, for some, his name may sound familiar.  Yes, he has been inside Washington DC.  He played tight end for the Washington Redskins in two Superbowls; leading in receiving yards in the first Superbowl, catching a touchdown in the second Superbowl.

After returning home from professional football, he coached the local high school team to two state championships.  He is a powerful speaker and motivator to do that.  Check him out at this website


Republicans have been very competitive in recent years in Washington elections, and can be again.  To break open Washington would send a powerful sign to the region Republicans are back.