Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears not to know his constitutional law very well. Of course he’s going to seat Roland Burris. Apparently, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

When Blagojevich’s predecessor, George Ryan, was governor, and his administration was rocked by scandal,he too made some important decisions. He picked death row inmates to commute their sentences.   As Bigbagofwind points out, nobody suggested then that these inmates should be executed anyway.

Blagojevich has the legal authority to make the Burris appointment. And while it’s true that Congress has the power to judge Burris’s qualifications, he’s clearly qualified. He’s extremely well over the age of 30. He’s been a U.S. citizen for over nine years. And he is a resident of Illinois.

Burris will be merely a caretaker senator. He has a spotless career. And Illinois residents probably want full representation as Congress takes up important legislation. So, what can Harry Reid possibly be thinking?