So we know that Obama was secretly interfering with efforts to strengthen Iraq. He was pressuring the Iraqi government to refuse long term security relations with the US. That the press is so corrupt as to just gloss this over is another issue.The issue is that the Obamatons, while we are distracted on the convenient financial mess, have no plan to do what so many of his supporters claim he will do:The right thing and support an emerging civil society in Iraq.Now we see another actor in the region working to undermine Iraqi security in exactly the same direction:, like Obama, knows that an unstable Iraq is bad news for America and good news for Iraq.Iran is the player behind al-Sadr- it is where he runs and hides when he gets in trouble. It is where his ‘army’ gets training and support. Iran wants- at least- a puppet regime in Iraq whose strings are pulled in Tehran. And if they can get eastern Iraq while they are at it, so be it.I am certainly not suggesting that Obama is talking to Iran in this. But it is rather pitiful that The One keeps finding his best outcomes in outcomes that has America defeated and Islamic extremists in victory. We see in Barak a deeply conflicted poseur. He is not comfortable with America, or defending our interests.Remember his infantile stand on Russia’s aggression against Georgia. How he would use the UN Sec. Council- where Russia has a veto- to punish Russia. And how he compared liberating Iraq to invading Russia.Like all else regarding Barak, his game is shallow and reactionary and self-serving.The good news is that al-Sadr is passe in Iraq. He is more of a dangerous shake-down artist than a serious player these days.But under Obama, I am sure he and his masters hope, he can audaciously dream of more.