Let me offer this observation, My brother and his wife went to see Sarah at the Villages near Ocala,Fl. He described the scene like this, “Joe I have never seen anything like this in my life. Parking was jammed so much that people were parking and walking 2 miles away. He said  Joe, there were old ladies with walkers, slowly and painfully, making their down the side of the road to see this woman of courage and commitment. A real person who sold the State jet on E-bay, fired her chauffeur and her personal chef. She said I can cook why should the people of Alaska pay for that.

When have you ever seen a group of people so passionate?  I know we have several candidates that could do a good job, but the people……… LOVE!!! ….her. What other candidate inspires like she does. Don’t ever discount the American voters. This is a love affair.