Governor Palin leaves office. The rush is still on at the White House to change the country, and the diversion of projectionism begins in earnest:

The ‘Plot To Seize the White House’ begins to be showcased:

Conyers calls for criminal investigations into the Bush Administration.

Democratic Underground begins recalling a previous coup attempt:×6150066

The BBC presents a program about ‘right wing’ coup members, one of which is claimed to be a Bush relative.  (listen to the audio to make you puke!)

0Bama has attacked ‘Wall Street’ for what HIS handlers caused while Liberal blogs are a buzzing:

Honduras catches a criminal trying to overthrow its government and Obama and Clinton call IT a coup!

The word ‘coup’ is coming on strong in liberal thought. The communists are actually comparing Honduras to Bush and the gang:

The name of Smedley Butler is being stolen by the left:

It has only just begun. Diversion is necessary. Twisting blame is necessary. Palin steps forward.