Obama is the talking head that he is, the suave character that he is, the amateur administrator that he is because: he is a token.

He is the actor hired by central casting to appeal to a minority group, and a white liberal population consumed with racial guilt. One must agree, it is a brilliant plan. But Obama is not the creator of it, nor is he the manager of it, he is just the second actor to become President. Why do you think he has compared himself to Reagan in the past?

It certainly can’t be for anything of substance. Why do you think he needs a TelePrompTer to speak to anybody publicly? It certainly can’t be because he is incapable of remembering his lines!?! Obama is nothing different than the slave of 1863, except he’s isn’t all African American. And his master has ill will for this nation.

Why won’t he release a birth certificate? To do so would stop the uproar. Uproar is one ingredient in diversion. For his master to reach the level where the N.A.A.C.P. issued a resolution, attacking a name; things must not be going so well, or things may need to be accelerated.

The ‘Tea Party’ is a name. It is not a party, it is not even an ideology, it is thinking Americans joining loosely together in a common cause. A couple of hundreds years ago that would be the citizen warrior.

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