TEAParty911.com just sent out a newsletter announcing “Operation Swing State” that is definitely worth taking a look at. Their plan, Operation Swing State, is so simple that anyone and any group can easily get in the fight to help Mitt Romney win in November over Obama.

The plan is simply arranging phone calling “parties” for the Romney campaign targeting voters in the key swing states. Their effort makes use of tools that are readily available on the Romney campaign website and making those tools more fun by arranging “calling parties” for groups and organizations across a wide spectrum of interests.

TEAParty911.com appeals to grassroots organizations such as TEA Party, 9.12, We the People, and Grassroots America as well as Republican Clubs, Chamber of Commerce organizations and especially to Christian churches and organizations to get involved in the election process.

I especially liked their appeal to Christians by stating that their religious liberty is at stake in the November elections. That statement couldn’t be more obvious with the actions of the current administration, even in an election year. Catholics should be lining up to get involved in this program with all the other denominations following suit because they know that they are next in line to have their religious liberty assaulted by a hostile administration.

Here is the link to their newsletter: http://www.teaparty911.com/newsletter/current.html

And here is the link to Operation Swing State: http://www.teaparty911.com/operation_swing_state.htm

I hope you will take a look and get involved in this election; America cannot afford another 4 years of Obama.