Despite what some may claim, there is indeed a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.  Just don’t expect to find it among the party’s elite.

The party leadership insists that they must be supported to win, despite spitting in our faces whenever they get the chance.  The recent campaign debacle in Mississippi recently brought this issue to a head, leading some to declare their support for the Democrat candidate, if only to inflict some manner of punishment upon the leadership, denying them one Senate seat (or at least one voter’s support.)

Almost immediately, both bureaucratic apologists and well-meaning Republicans decried this behavior.  They labeled it pointless, counter-productive, in some cases accusing the disaffected votes of betraying the Republican party.  One called on Erick’s show asked something to the effect of, “are you willing to give Harry Reid another term to spite the party leaders?”

To answer this, I have a counter-question: “given the behavior of people like Boehner and his ilk, what benefit will we have in taking the Senate with men like these running things?”

Answer: very little.  On one hand, we have race-baiting, totalitarian keloptocrats (the Democrats) and on the other, the limp-wristed, crony-capitalist, promise-to-actually-fight “next time” leadership (witness John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Thad Cochran)
Not everyone on this site is a Christian, but I am.  I know that God doesn’t just look at whether or not we win, but how we win, and what we do afterwards.  To appropriate the parable, we have already given the Republicans one talent; rather than invest it, they chose to bury it.  Now, having done nothing substantive with what we gave them – unable to even report failure after honest effort – they ask us for five talents.  Erick has predicted that after they take Congress, they’ll claim that they can’t win the fight until we give them the Presidency (ten talents in this analogy.)

… I was trying to keep my first RedState post short and sweet, but this has spiraled rather quickly.  Allow me to summarize:

1) Just because we replace Democrats with Republicans doesn’t mean they’re going to actually take Conservative action; they haven’t before, what makes us think they will now?  The leadership has proven itself unreliable, and generally untrustworthy.

2) At some point the line has to be drawn.

3) Bleeding the nation dry for redistributive policies is no better than bleeding it dry via crony capitalism.