This Administration is proving to me that they take no prisioners and will rule with an iron fist. Evidenced by their first choice of Chief of Staff, hardly a centrist, this is only the beginning.

MN Senator Norm Coleman’s lead is apparantly down to 221 and fading by the day. At this rate, I completely expect MN to have a new Senator by sometime early next week. Tuesday anyone?

The MN Sec. of state (Ritchie) is an ex-ACORN volunteer so you know there is something crooked going on. These Democrats are not your typical Democrats, these Democrats are angry and willing to flaunt the power they know they have on all their adversaries. They have the power and they intend to use it and if you disagree with them, be damned.

*These Democrats have proven to me they get what they want one way or the other. *

In the GA race I expect Obama to come down and drum up support among the black communities so that Chambliss will lose. Anyone find it strangely conveinient that Chambliss fell just short of a win 49.9%? I mean, what are the chances? Expect Jim Marshall to “mysteriously” win this seat. The Dems want a filibuster proof Senate and they are going to get it.

*Finally, Alaska *is the last state to look at. I expect Ted Stevens’ ballots to mysteriously “disappar” or be declared “invalid” even though in the early morning hours of Nov. 5 Michael Barone reported on FOXNEWS that many of the overseas absentee ballots had yet to come in but were expected to favor Stevens and that he (Barone) figured this seat was safe. Guess Again. The Dem will win-book it.

Look at how the new Administration silenced dissent with the removing of three columnists off an Obama plane, from the Washington Times, NY Post, and Dallas Morning News simply because they endorsed John McCain. Whether it be thru the re-institution of the Fairness Doctorine, or evidenced by how the media went after an ordinary Citizen (Joe the Plumber), its clear they won’t tolerate dissent. We either conform-or else.

I expect FOXNEWS’ federal funding to be severly cut and their broadcasts to be strictly monitored and them heavily fined once the FD goes through. That is straight out of communism. The media as we know it is gone as they are already in the pockets of the Dems and the FD will ensure that the radio communications get on board.

When do the commune farms start? When will we have to start producing in mass for The State? When do we have to start learning the Koran?

Obama did not become the 44th President of the U.S. rather he became the 1st Czar of the United Socialist States of America (USSA) and there isn’t anything we can do about it.

The Democrats have two reasons they won this year:

  • Early voting in many states (which is expected to only increase due to its “popularity” evidenced by the many new voters which they will spin as patriotic and non apathetic.

  • ACORN-bless them for they helped the Democrats. Too bad the right doesn’t have such a group. As long as they are allowed to be around Democracy is gone.