Just like I said it would….for the Democrats.

Stevens-checkColeman-well on the wayChambliss “appears to be a challenge” but give ACORN some time and they’ll deliever Martin to D.C. just like I and many of the other posters said they would

this is no normal election yearthis is no normal election cyclethis is not a democratic electionthese are irrational, angry Democrats who will do nothing short to winif only the Republicans had that much passion regardless of the rulesRepublicans worry too much about playing by the rules and its about to cost them 3 seats and a filibuster proof Senate.

People said “no way the Democrats run the table” I said all along “Wanna bet?” Michael Barone was wrong when he said all those overseas absantee ballots would favor Stevens?


Don’t you get it yet, its mirrored in fraud.

democracy is over

get used to Sen. Franken and soon Sen. Martin

bank on it