I have referenced some material that John McCain can use tomorrow night.

And I would quote this line:

As Bill Ayers once wrote – “Memory is a motherf*cker,”

That should get the MSM on the case.

Oh, and don’t forget about ACORN,Frank Marshall Davis,Fannie Mae & Freddie Macand Obama & Odinga’s special love for each other

Allies in War


“In my experience, what drives most radicals are passions of resentment, envy and inner rage. Bill Ayers is a scion of wealth. His father was head of Detroit’s giant utility Commonwealth Edison, in line for a cabinet position in the Nixon Administration before his son ruined it by going on a rampage that to this day he cannot explain to any reasonable person’s satisfaction (which is why he has to conceal so much). It could be said of Bill Ayers that he was consumed by angers so terrible they led him to destroy his father’s career. But in the 10 hours I interviewed him I saw none of it. What I saw was a shallowness beyond conception. All the Weather leaders I interviewed shared a similar vacuity. They were living inside a utopian fantasy, a separate reality, and had no idea of what they had done. Nor any way to measure it. Appreciating the nation to which they were born, recognizing the great gifts of freedom and opportunity their parents and communities had given them, distinguishing between right and wrong – it was all above their mental and moral ceiling.

In the days ahead, this is one of the dangers we face.”

The Bomber as School Reformer

Calling Bill Ayers a school reformer is a bit like calling Joseph Stalin an agricultural reformer.

On a Terrorists Door