July 4 2012

Carrying parchment-like banners of the Bill of Rights and quotes from our founding fathers, The Suffolk County 9-12 Project Tea party marched in Southampton, NY to the delight of 30,000 spectators with a Constitutional theme. The original theme, won SC-9-12 the top patriotic honor, “The Mayor’s Trophy”! Over 100 tea party patriots march in unison with banners and flags.

It is our wish to see Main Streets across this great fruited plain, filled with Constitutions at every parade and public event.

This 4th of July the Constitution was a “living and breathing document” as statists love to say! It walked down main street, undoubtably causing nausea to Hampton’s liberals like Bill Mahr, who was rumored to be in the audience.

In Liberty,
Jacques Ditte
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit