Let me state unequivocally that Barack Obama and his allies will be kicked out of power in November. Sure, he has been propped up by a decidedly corrupt media, but the truth and natural law are not on Obama’s side. Millions of americans are unemployed, our culture is under attack and gas/food prices have risen. Liberals prance to the music of abortion, gay marriage and to chants of booing God. Frothing racism is rampant in the mouths of liberal pundits and democratic hacks. They are at war to destroy the founding principles and ideals of America.

Today’s liberalism is a cancer of the mind. Approximately 1/3 of the country is infected. Unnatural aberrations of homosexuality are paraded instead of kept in the privacy of the bedroom. A thirty year old, heterosexual student is given a national platform to demand free contraceptives. Where are the parents that admonished “If you are going to screw around your going to pay a price”? Whether it is the economy or foreign policy, liberal policies have always been a mid to long term disaster. The stimulus and quantitative easing have not worked. Obama’s Solyndra job program hasn’t worked. His cronies pocket money and the taxpayers are on the hook.

Obama’s middle east foreign policy is without any mid to long term success. The islamists have already said that there are millions of Osamas. The military kills Osama and Obama uses this as a talking point to cover his unwillingness to stop Iran from going nuclear. Although there are muslims and radical muslims, there is no such thing as radical Islam. Islam is radical to the core. This is the greatest threat to Western Civilization. Obama covertly and openly encourages islamic interests while covertly and overtly attacking christian and jewish interests. But have hope: conservatives and our independent allies are about to remove Obama and his perverted islamberalism ideology from office.

We need to remember that people all across the United States have been bombarded by a biased media, including fake independent bloggers like Nate Silver(lode) over at the New York Times. (he is former DailyKos blogger..Poblano) He gives Obama an approximate 80% chance of winning. Now this is an example of where common sense is no longer common. I say Obama has less the 50% chance of winning and if pushed would go 50/50 today. Mark my words I am right and Silverlode is full of it. (Watch for the liberal walk back as the election gets closer) This is not 2008. Any reasonable person knows that, as of today, this will be a close election and that Obama has a good chance of being defeated.

Perusing the polling (of likely voters) in the last week it seems this election is going back to where it was before the conventions. Today, Romney is up by 3 in lastest Rasmussen poll. The political war is heating up. The Romney campaign has just started to carpet bomb the swing states. These ads will be able to get past the interference of the liberal media. By mid to late October Romney will have a clear lead in the swing states. Advantage Romney and we are right back where we started from prior to the conventions.

I have included a link to a youtube video. I encourage people to watch. You may love it. It will be time to dance in November.