Barack Obama’s Presidency has included an attack waged on people of Mexican heritage on both sides of the border. The Mexican people are generally a hard working, culturally and socially conservative people. A large percentage are Catholic and attend church regularly. Americans and Mexicans share a common faith: Christianity. The culture is very family oriented. Many are migrant farm workers. These people take the jobs that other ethnic groups shy away from: like picking fruit in the San Joaquin valley in 100+ degree weather. How many African-Americans or Caucasians are willing to pick vegetables or fruit? These people are hard workers and are proud of it. Many other Mexican-Americans are well educated and are leaders in their professional fields.

1) Barack Obama has attacked the faith of a large majority of the Mexican people. 2) Barack Obama has enabled the murder of Mexican nationals. 3) The unemployment rate for Mexican-Americans is higher previous administrations. 4)He has been AWOL in addressing a comprehensive immigration plan. 5) He has favored certain minorities like African-Americans over Mexican-Americans in his administration. 6)He has decreased the living standards so that more Americans of Mexican heritage are unable to send money to their family in Mexico.  So lets lay out the case.

It all starts with how Obama thinks. As a man thinks so is he. He attacks directly at the heart of the Mexican people: their faith in God. He mocks Jesus and by extension the Mexicans belief in him. Here He says this is not a Christian nation. and here

The Obama administration has enabled the murder of Mexican children, presumably God fearing people, through a program called “Fast and Furious”. Not only has he enabled the program he has stonewalled by invoking Executive Privilege. here This is an ongoing and exploding scandal. Univision, the Spanish-language station is having showing an expose tomorrow. Moe Lane is covering that here.  expose

The lower wage jobs which many Mexicans may take in America have been hit hard. With work seasonal and no other employment opportunites many migrant workers have left back to Mexico. Many fields of fruit and vegetables have been left unpicked.  here  Unemployment among Hispanics is high. here   Obama has not addressed these issues.

Immigration reform was promised by Obama. Well, he lied and immigration reform died. In fact his administration has deported more Mexicans than the Bush admistration. He sends them back and then gives them the ability to collect welfare from the United States.  here One has to wonder if Egypt was next door if he would do the same. Unless of course they were Coptic Christians which he has not come out forcefully to support and are being slaughtered.

There are few high profile Mexican-American Christians in the Obama administration. I cannot think of one off the top. Yet but if you are African-American then your in. Susan Rice, Van Jones, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Lisa Jackson and the list goes on. Some Hispanic writers say there is no diversity and inclusion. here

Obama wants to enslave American voters to the Democratic party by making them dependent on government programs. This has been a Democratic Party strategy for years. It is known as the Cloward-Piven strategy. here If you complain you are a racist. But lets not forget who are the true racists. Ku Klux Klan? Not those racists Democrats!! here

Now he is doing the same to the Mexican nationals. here  Mexican-Americans make up approx 10% of the population. This bobble head clown is nothing but activating a vote buying scheme with American Taxpayer money. Obobo doesn’t have a clue how to create jobs for Americans so he is playing a 4 year long first African-American Santa Clause character and doing his best to undermine the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not his money he is giving away. What the heck has he done for Mexican-Americans except to attack their faith, ability to earn a living, become an enabler in the murder of their children? Obama is sucking the life blood out of Mexican-Americans and all people that believe in faith and hard work. I will call him El Chupacabra