One of the fun things about flying is you get to pick up free newspapers in airports as you wait. Today, as I enjoyed a little. Memphis BBQ, I perused the A section of the Nation’s Newspaper, USA Today.

I know times are tough for the print media, but, honestly, did USA Today need to cut costs by having morons on the editorial page. I feel sorry for Jonah Goldberg (who’s writing I really enjoy), who has an insightful article in this rag today, “Election Questions No One Ever Asks’, but he has to share the opinion page today with the idiots who write this other dreck.First, Al Neuharth, who I think is the head cheese over there, writes that he thinks McCain ought to make “Two more maverick moves.” Namely, that he should introduce a Constitutional Amendment to limit the age of a president to 69, and that he should retire at the end of his term in 2010. Since Al thinks people over 69 “lose it” he thinks this is a good idea, and, I guess he thinks McCain is losing it, so he should get off the stage. Of course, Al is a good Leftist, so he wants McCain to step down so some Democrat can get that seat in 2010, and I have some better suggestions on his ageism.

Why not have Robert Byrd or Teddy Kennedy introduce this bill? They’re about a million years old? Geez, why haven’t these guys left the national stage. I empathize for Teddy Kennedy, but he’s been off the reservation for years, and Robert Byrd long passed from senility into late stage Alzheimers. And, the junior senator from WV is 71. Why doesn’t he step down. Hey, Al, I have an idea, McCain leaves when these two leave? Think a breathing Republican can’t win a senate seat in West Virginia? I’ll trade the one AZ seat for 2 in WV.

If you really want to help the country, why not introduce bills term limiting Senators and Congressmen? The path to corruption and being a profligate spender begins with re-election. So, let’s limit these guys to 2 terms in the senate and 12 years in the House. Really want change – that will do some.

In a “Post-election thoughts” article, USA Today demonstrated their ignorance by incorrectly assuming that voters who were concerned about Sarah Palin’s experience (“Surveys of voters, however, showed that three-fifths thought Palin wasn’t qualified to be president”), of those, 82% voted for Barack Obama. What they failed to state was that this was not the deciding factor for those voters. Either they’re stupid over there (likely) or they want to smear Palin (also likely).

USA Today also claims that there was record turnout this year. All one has to do is look at the numbers to see that about the same number of votes were cast this year as in 2004. Heck, even CNN got that right (saw that in the Situation Room as I waited today). As a percentage of voting age population, it actually went down from 2004.

Finally, they want to claim that Liddy Dole’s loss was due to her negative advertising. Hey, USA Today, her loss was because she was a crappy candidate, a largely ineffective Senator, the financial mess, and Obama’s strength in NC (and, she’s about 100 years old – isn’t Al Neuharth happy she’s gone???).

However, in some actual aviation news, the McCain-Palin E190, chartered from Jet Blue, that Palin was using set a world record with a 2900+ mile nonstop flight from Anchorage to Buffalo to return the plane.